"UWMF Represents Cultural Diversity in the World Music Scene Across the World" - Sanjeev Bhargava

Entertainment | February 5, 2019 | Interview

Seher India Sanjeev Bhargava

Udaipur World Music Festival, India’s biggest world music extravaganza to be held this year from February 15 to 17, 2019 in the beautiful city of lakes. The 4th edition of the festival will witness the presence of over 150 renowned artists from across the globe with participation from over 20 countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Cuba, Brazil, India and many more. With a footfall of over 50,000 people every year, the festival has been a game changer in the realm of performing arts in the Country. EVENTFAQS in an exclusive conversation with the festival curator Sanjeev Bhargava, Founder Director, Seher India found out the factors behind this unique festival that sets it apart from other music festivals in the country. 

How do you position Udaipur World Music Festival amidst the many other recent music festivals?

With so many festivals around in India, there was no genuine World Music Festival. There are specialised World Music Festivals around the world but India didn't have one so we thought of Udaipur World Music Festival in 2016. It is unique because of its curation, its structure its multiple venues --music suiting the moods and ambiance and time of the day. And of course the season and beauty of the city itself, everything is planned and thought about well.  

How is this edition going to be different from the previous ones?

My team works round the year  to hear and see new Artists perform and see their fitting the slots that we have. The artists are all those who have never performed in India or Indian artists who are rarely seen or heard. So every edition is different from the other. Also This year we are featuring a very significantly new artist group Voice of Laa po Laa a group of young singers from underprivileged families who compose their own songs and sing beautiful songs on select topics. This group is being presented on a large platform for the first time on any Indian city streets.


What should the audience expect from this world festival?

Music Cutting across genres and from different countries, which are rare such as Cuba, Senegal, Morocco, Brazil, and others.  

Could you explain the concept behind organizing this festival?

As I have been saying India has mushroom growth of festivals happening around the year. But we didn't have a focussed World Music Festival In India which is a specific genre in the Music Industry. This festival represents the cultural diversity that exists in the world music scene across the world and we are glad that this festival has grown tremendously in the last three years since its inception. We are inundated by the feedback and queries regarding artists and their presentations and I am sure this year again UWMF will rock the Indian music scene.

Sanjeev Bhargava, Founder Director of Seher India talks about the unique Udaipur World Music Festival.

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