70 EMG Produces 20th Edition of the Iconic Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Entertainment | February 1, 2019 | News

70 EMG

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is synonymous with art, culture, and heritage. This is one festival which the whole of Mumbai looks forward to every year. Maintaining the age-old tradition, this year as well, the festivities will kick off from the first Saturday of February till the next Sunday. Ergo, from February 2 – 10, Mumbai’s art district will come to life with the best of art, culture, food, exhibition, photography, music, heritage walks, workshops, cinema, and several other interesting activities and experiences.

This year marks two decades since the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival came into existence. Incidentally, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’s 20th anniversary also marks 17 years since Seventy Event Media Group has been producing the iconic festival for the Kala Ghoda Association. 

On the historic occasion of the 20th Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 70 EMG’s Director of Marketing, Thanush Joseph said, “We’ve seen the festival growing over the past one and half decades and we’re absolutely stoked to be a part of Kala Ghoda’s 20th edition. We’ve organized hundreds of festivals and events over the years, but Kala Ghoda Arts Festival remains close to our hearts. As always, our team is thrilled to be managing it and being a part of this cultural phenomenon.” Taking forward the ‘Kala Ghoda at 20’ theme, all the activities are planned to showcase two decades of cultural expansion catalyzed by KGAF, as its affectionately known.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019 attendees will see art installations, street acts and exhibition stalls along the Rampart Row – the hub of all activities. Additionally, they can also take advantage of numerous free events taking place across various venues in and around the Kala Ghoda precinct in the following categories: Children, Cinema, Dance, Food, Heritage Walks, Literature, Music, Standup Comedy, Street, Theatre, Urban Design & Architecture, Visual Arts and Workshops. 

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and 70 EMG continue their 17 years partnership this time with the festival completing its 20 years.

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