Happydemic Plans & Manages Hindustan Platinum’s Foundation Day in Vashi

Business Events | February 1, 2019 | News


Happydemic plans and manages Hindustan Platinum’s foundation day. The objective was to celebrate their contribution towards the company and to motivate the employees for the coming year. The event had to be a combination of fun and work speeches.

Hindustan Platinum is a 58 years old company and extremely conservative as a brand. This was the first time in the history of the organisation that an annual event with all departments being a part of it was planned on a common platform.

Entertaining 650 people in an auditorium seating was challenging, hence the planners came up with an interactive solution.

“We incorporated employee performances as a major part of the event flow so that employees get a platform to showcase their talent in front of the top-level management who most of them met and saw for the first time. In order to create a little bit of high energy impact, we got a local dance group to give us extremely high energy performances on stage and culminated the event with a DJ who got the audience dancing”, says Radhika Mukherji, CEO, Happydemic.

Since there was a lot of cultural diversity in the organisation, a state-wise fashion show was planned where people dressed into their traditional outfits represented the state they belonged to.

The company was looking for a very subtle yet motivating branding on site, hence keeping the elements extremely minimalistic. They created branding like a box entrance arch, stage setup with motivational quotes on the backdrop, side panels and a 30 feet stage skirting that welcomed everyone.

Commenting on the event, Radhika Bubna, Project Manager and Vice President- Happydemic, said: “This was the first event planned and executed by Happydemic for Hindustan Platinum as a client. It was a huge success and the client was very happy with the way the event was executed. Being our first time with HP we had undertaken a lot of pressure to execute a flawless event with no glitches. The team accepted this challenge and delivered flawlessly. We look forward to a long lasting fruitful relationship with HP.”

“The grand event at Hindustan Platinum indeed laid the foundations of change for its people. A great headstart I must say”, says Radhika Mukherji, CEO, Happydemic.


The event was hosted on January 25th, 2019 at CIDCO.

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