"Visually Engaging Performance Create a Festive Vibe" - Omer Haider, MD Showhouse Events.

Entertainment | February 1, 2019 | Interview

Showhouse events

The Bhramara Festival of Dance concluded its inaugural edition with a two-day extravaganza of classical dance in Mumbai from January 19 and 20, 2019. The festival was a resounding success as the venue the Royal Opera House had droves of dance enthusiasts and patrons immersed in the enthralling experience. Apart from the dance performances, the workshops and the food stalls also had youngsters and families queuing up. This festival has been conceptualized and founded by Tripti Arya who apart from being a dancer herself, is passionate about promoting and preserving traditional dance forms and was organized by Showhouse Events.

EVENTFAQS had a conversation with Omer Haider, MD Showhouse Events to know more about what went into making the event attractive.

What were the special elements undertaken by you to make Bhramara Festival of Dance event a memorable experience? 

We made sure Bhramara stands out in the league of classical dance festivals by bringing in the best artists from across India and abroad,  making animation films as a new way of introducing performances that is visually engaging and accessible and creating a festive vibe for families and children in the outdoor section so that this is seen as a young and energetic event rather than a niche festival of the old-timers.

Can you elaborate more about the workshops management and the concept behind the Bhramara Festival of Dance? 

Classical dance is as cool and fun, as it is spiritual and transforming, the young generation only needs to see this in the right spirit and atmosphere. This was the basic thought behind the festival. The workshops were done in an open space with a lively decor and intimate yet unhindered atmosphere where kids and adults, dancers and non dancers could freely immerse themselves in the experience of the dance form and share the stage with renowned artists. We had Chhau by Rajesh Sai Babu on day one and Kathak by Seema Mehta, Rina Mehta and Rachna Nivas on day two.

How was Bhramara Festival of Dance different from other dance festivals?

We brought in a new audience for classical dance. We had sold out shows and the audience comprised of children and young families, apart from dance lovers and regulars. The performances were also short, 30 minutes for each dance form, which gave variety to the show and pace to the event. The animation films were unique and were very well received by the audience. The organic food stalls were also a big hit and created a beautiful synergy between the idea of going back to traditional farm and culinary practices and taking pride in our cultural heritage.

In conversation with Omer Haider, MD Showhouse Events speaking about what went into the recently happened Bhramara Festival.

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