6 Photo Experts Take A Look at Dubai Being A Potential Location for Wedding & Pre-wedding Shoots

Weddings | January 22, 2019 | News

CineLove VIP Studio WeddingNama The Wedding Salad Reels And Frames

Dubai has turned into a one stop destination for weddings all these years since the time destination weddings became a hit. EVENTFAQS spoke with the best photographers to know more about the skyline of the city and locations in Dubai that serve as the perfect backdrop for photo shoots. And here are the excerpts from all the six photographers -  

Ritin Kumar – CineLove

"Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the UAE and is known for the luxurious lifestyle, it glitters like a star in the Middle East. Having anything and everything for your creative, adventurous pre-wedding shoot checklist – endlessly undulating dunes, golden beaches, luxurious resorts, traditional, rustic hubs and shimmering futuristic skyscrapers. Dubai presents diverse elements from different eras, cultures and countries."

Iq Dhutti – The VIP Studio

“Dubai is one of the very few locations in the world that offers such a vast range of unforgettable backdrops. Be it the picturesque stretches of coastlines, the beautiful beaches, the magnificent marina filled with luxurious boats or the natural whispers of the glittering desert! Dubai is the perfect canvas for any photographer.”

Mark Swaroop

“Dubai has the most varied backdrops. As a photographer I love silhouettes and only in Dubai I can put my couples in front of urban landscapes, the desert and water all in one glorious place.”

Ankita & Akash – WeddingNama

“Dubai indeed offers a variety of backdrops for photography! The cityscape itself is quite picturesque and it has few unique architectural wonders. Then there are hotels that we love to shoot at like Atlantis the Palm, Madinat Jumeriah that also offers the backdrop of Burj-Al-Arab, and not to forget the view of the Burj Khalifa. Apart from that you also have the natural landscape that is the desert and all its drama. You can plan a shoot in the city during the daytime and head to the desert for some beautiful sunset shots, go dune bashing on the way as well! The seascape is also quite stunning and you can hire a yatch and go for a ride. All in all, we would love to see more Indian weddings happen there!”

Ayushi Sachdev – The Wedding Salad

“Besides giving a larger than life feel to the events, Dubai offers a variety of backdrops for your celebrations, from desert retreats to dazzling ballrooms and beach side havens. As a photographer, it fires up the creative cells and also gives an opportunity to experiment and create unique work for our clients.”

Anand Rathi – Reels & Frames

A good picture always comes with the richness in the destination. Dubai is one such destination which has richness in its landscape, culture and colors. From a high rise set up to stretches of dune lands, Dubai has always been a cityscape photographer's favourite land. Being a wedding photography and film company, Dubai has been a great location for couple shoots as well as weddings for Reels and Frames. The contrast of natural light in the day and the beauty of lights in the night, Dubai definitely has a lot of elements that are absolutely picturesque. One of the surely loved places for its vibe, beauty and the variety in one patch of land.

EVENTFAQS spoke with the best photographers to know more about the skyline of the city and locations in Dubai that serve as the perfect backdrop for photo shoots.

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