EvenTeriffic – Helping Create Distinctive Experiences at Events

Industry Watch | January 14, 2019 | Promo Feature

Events are home to creativity and unimaginable experiences. And EvenTeriffic aims at bringing spectacular services to create a vibrant atmosphere at an event with the help of technology. EVENTFAQS spoke in brief with Pallavi Nishant Singh, Founder, and Director of EvenTeriffic to know more about the firm and the work done by them.

Being in the field of creating experiences, could you highlight some important points which make an experience extraordinary?

An experience becomes extraordinary when it is personalised, when its a memory etched in your mind even after years when it comes with a personal touch and a warm smile. At Eventeriffic with every opportunity that we have worked on, we have ensured that we are creating engaging and rewarding experiences, for both the client and their patrons. For us, its more about the value add that our technology creates.  It is only then, that the experience becomes prodigious and remarkable.

Given that Eventeriffic has been engaging the audience through technology, can you give us some examples on how have you used Technology in events?

With Social media playing such a huge role in our lives , be it on personal front or business, most events today are about capturing moments and  instantly sharing them on various social media platforms and we have been doing just that, quite successfully, largely by the use of different kind of photo booths  and other technologies. We have worked on various kinds of events from all kind of corporates like R&R, Annual Conferences, Family days, to social functions like Weddings, Concerts etc.

With which brands have you collaborated?

We have done activities for clients like SIEMENS, CA Tech, Glenmark, Forever Mark, De Beers, HSBC, Vikatan, Reliance, ICICI Pru to name a few and lot of high profile weddings. We have worked across India and abroad too. Some of our products include Interactive Mirror, Aura Glow GIF Booth, 180 Degree Motion freeze capture, Slingshot, Wobbly Bods, Coffee Selfie and many more.

EvenTeriffic uses technology in an unimaginable way to create unique experiences at different kinds of events.

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