A Modern Fairytale with An Indian Twist – Wedding by Wedniksha

Weddings | January 14, 2019 | News


The gorgeous wedding celebration was designed and executed by Wedniksha Wedding Planners. All the seven wedding functions were beautifully ideated and brought to life by the talented team of the wedding planning company. The wedding celebration programs were as follows –

Pool Party / Welcome Lunch was on the 11th December, 2018

The Pink, Black and White themed pool party was a welcome lunch for all the guests. The décor elements for this celebration had flamingo floats, famingo centrepieces, giant Jenga, and giant twister. The Couple Hashtag was placed in the middle of the swimming pool and the entire pool was covered with pink custom cut fabric.

Sufi Night was on the 11th December, 2018

The Moroccan themed Sufi Night was a beautiful event with soothing ambience and complementing décor. The important décor element for this function was Moroccan lamps. They had a customized island bar which was in-lit. They also had an ittar counter which was decorated with Floral work and Moroccan lamps of various sizes all over the venue. The overlays for the round tables and the cocktail tables were customized and printed.

Mehendi was on the 12th December, 2018

With the theme being the Indian Mela, the décor elements were beautifully matched for the occasion. There were many installations like a decorated funky autorickshaw which served as a photobooth. There was a bullock cart with florals and colourful fabric used as an installation. A custom installation with colourful wooden boxes and flowers, the Bar, were all the highlights as it was customised with reels of colourful threads. They also created a wishing tree installation in the centre of the venue. They had very creative centrepieces which actually were wooden miniature trucks with florals. Wedniksha also created a Meena Bazaar Stall for the Mehendi giveaways. Overall it was a colourful Indian Mela.

Sangeet was on the 12th December, 2018

Bling being the theme for Sangeet, had everything shining and glamorous.The décor element created was a custom black and white bar with a huge 16ft high installation. Every single element was black with bling. They had created a Mirror chip couple logo with candles around it as an installation. They also had a Mirror chip Photobooth for the event. The entire food area was covered with Silver streamers. The stage was custom made with crushed foil back drop and an inlit installation in the centre.

Bhatt / Tel Baan/ Haldi was on the 13th December, 2018 (morning)

The theme of the haldi was yellow with gold. The décor elements had a very unique custom bridal backdrop with gota patti work. All elements used were in the shades of yellow.

High Tea was also on the 13th December, 2018 (afternoon)

The Mad Hatters Tea Party theme of the event left everyone delighted. The Wedniksha team had created a unique bar with old newspapers and the entire food area was created under a ceiling which had hangings like Wooden crates, Cycle wheels, tea cups, Keys, antique books etc. They also had created table runners out of newspapers for the long food tables. There was also an installation with old trunks and vintage books for added aesthetics.

Wedding was on the evening of 13th December, 2018

The wedding had Alice in wonderland theme. The Vidhi mandap was the hero of the event. The team created a very unique floral vidhi mandap on the lines of Alice in Wonderland with Antique books, golden keys and tea cups hanging in the mandap. This was the first time Wednkisha created such a unique mandap.

Post Wedding Party was also on the same day post the wedding rituals. The event was decked up in Royal Red theme. Wedniksha had created an in-lit bar in gold and red colours. There were lounges created with antique furniture and brass pots and florals. The stage was made with Diya walls. They added lots of candelabra with florals all around the venue. The food area had lovely crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. They had created a custom teppanyaki restaurant. All the furniture used for the event was customised.


All the seven functions of the wedding were beautifully conceptualized and brought to life by the talented team of the wedding planning company.

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