"Being Able to Bridge the Gap Between the Audience and Brand Comes Naturally to Me" - Raja Mukherjee

Entertainment | January 8, 2019 | Promo Feature

Event business is a tedious job. A lot of hard work goes into making an event huge. And the most important thing is to connect the audience to the concept of the event. Here is when the artists come into picture as they play a crucial role in taking the show forward and conecting it with the audience. Here, EVENTFAQS talks to one of the top artists in the business and brings to you their LQ (Live Quotient) factor which makes them a stand apart entertainer and engager. 

In conversation with Raja Mukherjee who can jazz up any event with his enormous energy and a background of being a stage entertainer. He is interactive with the crowd and is widely known for his team building skills also being India’s most sought-after IP / Festival Host. Raja has launched a fresh & swanky website www.rajamukherjee.in , and his popular hashtag #Microphoneduties trends across all social media platforms.  EVENTFAQS has an opportunity to know him better through this interview as one of the best in the industry today.

1. Being an entertainer, can you elaborate on how you keep the crowd on their toes when you are on stage?  

Well, there is a reason I am known as the people's Emcee. I've been around the stage and performing arts section since I was a child, from theatres in Kolkata to stadiums in Mumbai to auditoriums in UAE. One thing common about the audience is that they all have emotions and its the duty of the host to bring it out. I study the brand and my target audience thoroughly, make them a part of the occasion and no matter the size of the audience be it 50 or 10000+, I make the conversation personal and make sure the energy is on point because what you give from the stage is what you get back from the audience.

2. What makes you the most sought-after IP/ Festival Host?

I have always enjoyed being a part of IP's and festivals due to how interactive it can be with the audience and how you become a part of the brand and represent the energy. In seven years of my professional hosting career, I have hosted around 10 intellectual properties, all varying from each other, it's not about hosting it once or twice but being a recurring name behind the brand, growing with it and also being versatile as a speaker to hold different types of audience together. I've hosted in banquet halls with 200 pax in attendance, and at festival fields with 10,000+ so far. I've covered IP's and festivals in categories like, Business awards, Foreign government awards, leisure properties, sports and adventure, Entrepreneur hunts, Track and field, Music festivals with the biggest names on stage, mother of all Super biking festival in India, Women's leadership awards India, the Industry phenomena WOW Awards Asia and last but not the least TATA Mumbai Marathon and many more.

3. Tell us 5 things which make you different from other Emcee’s

  1. Passion and love for what I do, that microphone is my instrument of choice. It has been with me for over 12 years. I'm very particular about what I speak and how I speak and always make an effort to perfect it before going on stage.
  2. The love for entertaining the audience and being able to bridge the gap between them and the brand. I grew up around the theatre and stage so entertaining comes naturally to me.
  3. The amount of research I put behind every show, I make sure I am a part of the scripting process, so there is an exchange of ideas to better the occasion.
  4. Did you know I make music? So yes, recently for an IT brand I actually made their theme song and performed it live with a music video that was circulated among 12 countries where they have their presence to all their employees and is till date a song they play in every event and occasion. It is soon to be released to the public via their official YouTube channel. I completely personalised the song by using their jargons and business areas, expertise and even profit revenues. This is where research plays a key role. The energy in the room when the song comes on is a sight to watch.
  5. I'll let my work and audience decide this one.




4. What is it like to be a Live Quotient Handpicked Artist of the year? Share your experience with us.

In one word, Amazing, First, hosting a section at WOW Awards on the 10th year and now being a part of this prestigious squad "Live Quotient Handpicked Artist", couldn't hope for a better way to close up on 2018. Just leaves me wondering what am I missing out on from the EVENTFAQS family? Hmm, a live quotient award may be!

Some events executed by Raja are, Aditya Birla Group, Launch of Tata  Tigor  – TATA Motors, Airtel family day, Top 40 women leadership awards, Bacardi Nights, Ansys – Nasdaq listed world leader in simulation, Women’s leadership symposium, Prestigious Brands of India and more. Being an IP and Festival specialist, he has hosted 5 edition's of India Bike Week and India Bike Week on Tour, FCC – Full Contact Championship (MMA India), The Mud Rush, MFC - Mixology and Flairology and the list goes on.

In Conversation with EVENTFAQS 'Live Quotient Handpicked Artist' - Raja Mukherjee

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