25 Glorious Years of Axis Bank, 1 Blockbuster Celebration - Executed by Geometry Encompass

Business Events | January 3, 2019 | News

Geometry Encompass

While Axis Bank continues to inspire the lives of billions of Indians – women, soldiers, children and others through their progressive initiatives and offerings. So when the time came to celebrate their 25 Years of Progress, they called in Geometry Encompass, India’s leading experiential marketing agency. The date was set for December 8 and Grand Hyatt, Mumbai was chosen as the venue. The task ahead was far from easy; how do you celebrate in one night, what a brand has steadily and progressively accomplished over 25 years? Geometry Encompass rose to the challenge with trademark efficiency, curating a dynamic, yet nostalgic show that kept Axis Bank’s memories of 25 years intact.

Guests were welcomed with a larger-than-life memory lane with fluidic 3D designs, showcasing the organisation’s and brand’s journey from the early days of UTI Bank, right up to the present. An artistic installation derived from the iconic ‘A’ of the Axis Bank logo was also created to capture their noble initiatives and achievements. World-class lighting and an innovative LED setup adorned a magnificent multi-tiered stage, that was designed in-house and fabricated by Geometry Encompass’s talented fabrication unit.

The best creative minds in the country had come together to create this show: renowned poet and lyricist Gulzar penned a theme song using submissions from 60,000 employees as inspiration, while the talented Clinton Cerejo composed it for 25 melodious employees of Axis Bank to perform it live at the event. Roshan Abbas hosted the evening with his signature elegance, and the evening witnessed AR Rahman grace the show with a powerful, yet soul-stirring performance. The two-time Oscar winner was accompanied by extremely talented musicians like Ranjit Barot, Jonita Gandhi, Neeti Mohan, Haricharan Seshadri and Aditya Narayan.

“We didn't just celebrate a landmark for Axis Bank, we knew we were helping narrate a story of progress, of inspiration. Each element, from a theme song written by Gulzar and composed by Clinton Cerejo, to AR Rahman creating a symphony of success. Everything was tailor-made for delivering content with impact.”, shared, Roshan Abbas, Managing Director - Geometry Encompass.

500 Axis Bank employees, senior management and alumni beamed with pride as they saw their hard work celebrated via an innovative unveiling of a coffee table book capturing their glorious past, while 60,000 other employees from across nearly 4000 branches, joined in via a live webcast.

Suresh Warrier, Head - Corporate Affairs, Axis Bank said, “We are grateful to Geometry Encompass for helping us put together a wonderful show to commemorate 25 years of Axis Bank. The entire event was thoughtfully planned and meticulously executed by them to make it a truly memorable evening for the invitees and their families.”

Shubham Shukla, Account Director - Geometry Encompass said, “Along with the billion Indians that the bank has inspired, we must admit, we felt extremely inspired ourselves. Enthralling the 500 attendees, and the 60,000 employees to whom the event was live-streamed, became our motto. The entire experience was crafted to match the grandeur of the celebration. And we’re glad to have delivered on our promise of an experiential masterpiece, using captivating graphics, along with immersive light and sound – at par with the best global standards. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work on this landmark event, and ecstatic that Axis Bank chose us as their partners in progress.”

When asked about Roshan Abbas’ opinion on the evolution of the corporate stakeholder event segment, with the investments in stakeholder engagement programs and events on the rise and if this is a good segment for the experiential marketing community to see growth in the future, he exclaimed, “All corporates have various stakeholders, from investors, employees, customers, board members etc. Engagement planning for them is an annual exercise. The only growth comes from landmark celebrations, identity changes, new product lines being launched etc. Since these happen sporadically it's not an area of growth more an area to engage with the corporate well in advance. An event such as Axis Bank 25 Years has been a year in the making. Yes, budgets have increased and with access to global events online, corporates are open to larger ideas but ones that can show ROI beyond just stakeholder engagement. Media impressions, social reach etc. become equally important”. 


Geometry Encompass rose to the challenge with trademark efficiency, curating a high-octane, yet nostalgic show that kept the memories of 25 years of Axis Bank intact.

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