Nokia 8.1 Launch Managed by Brandwidth Events

Marketing | December 21, 2018 | News

Brandwidth Events

HMD Global launched the 12th and final smartphone of this year, the Nokia 8.1 at the beautiful lawns of 1AQ, Mehrauli on December 10, 2018. Brandwidth Events successfully conceptualized, planned and executed this event that was attended by journalists and bloggers from across the country.

Brandwidth brought the space alive right from the entrance arch to the stage using elements like planters, vases, books and lamps that gave the event space a warm homely feel. Experience zones and demo pods at the event were designed keeping in mind the brand and features of the phone. The bright and colorful Pure Display zone was an apt showcase of the clarity and pure colours that define Nokia phones. Since Nokia 8. 1 is running the latest Android Pie, the guests were greeted by an Android bot that doubled up as a couch, making it a photo op and a seating area.

The show started with renowned violinist Sharat Chandra Srivastava, of Mrigya fame, setting the tone for the evening with an inspiring solo performance that leads into the dance act by the talented performers of Danceworx bringing out the various pillars that define the philosophy of Nokia phones.

Ajey Mehta, Vice President and Country Head for HMD Global in India and Juha Werkkala, Senior Product Marketing Manager introduced the phone and it features to the guests, through an engaging presentation. The event saw famous fashion, advertising and celebrity Photographer Avinash Gowariker address the audience over the various images he clicked on the Nokia 8.1. The images were blissfully displayed around the venue for the guests to explore. The highlight was the unique venue that lent the event a warm and homely vibe, and the various purpose-built experiences around the phone and the philosophy that offered the guests engaging experiences.

Commenting on the show and the management, Minita Kumar, Communication Head – India Region for HMD Global said “The choice of venue and our experience was lovely and we had a great positive sentiment amongst our media and analyst community. The Brandwidth team was super easy to work with and very approachable.”

Raktim Baruah, Head of Strategy and Communications at Brandwidth Events gave us an insight on what went into the making of this show – “It was a challenging proposition for us. A tight time-frame got us sprinting across the clock to curate a niche event that stands tall on design, creativity and execution. The team made sure everything moves seamlessly and in the right spirit. And the result is out there – a fantastic show with an intimate vibe.”

HMD global launched the final smartphone of this year, Nokia 8.1 managed by Brandwidth Events.

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