Pantaloons Fashion Collaborates with TOAST Events to Celebrate it’s Annual Conference – ‘PACE 2018’

Business Events | December 21, 2018 | News

Toast Events

Most corporate clients prefer experiential events with a distinct flavour, sophistication, and an inspiring set-up that rewards their top performers while delivering a strong brand presence. PACE – Pantaloons Annual Conference for Excellence 2018 was an enthralling journey for TOAST Events as it gave the team the opportunity to put together an active combination of design, creativity, talent and logistics – while also providing thought leadership focused content by way of global speakers present.
The event was key in bringing together 600+ Pantaloons employees, who were looking forward to an impressive day out as a team. Taking advantage of the grandness of the venue and full creative licence, TOAST Events erected a huge 204 ft long curved LED stage to create an impressive experience that defined grandeur. With an event of such scale, collaboration and strategic decisions are critical to success.
Keeping in mind that they were working with one of the biggest names in the retail industry, TOAST worked closely with the brand team to also enhance learning and knowledge sharing as part of the event experience. Adding more value to the event was the collaboration with an international fashion retail speaker, Cate Trotter, to deliver an insightful business talk and on defining the future of the fashion retail market.
To make the conference interesting, TOAST integrated a high-spirited team building activity ‘Urban Clapper’ that elevated the enthusiasm of the employees. After the awards ceremony, they had a high-octane performance by music composer duo Vishal and Shekhar who mesmerised the audience with their super hit numbers. 
Palvi Gupta, Client Servicing, said, “The changing needs of the market now require a “wow factor” which needs to be put into every event. Every great conference needs a theme, that one unifying message that the speakers will deliver which would be the key takeaway for the conference attendees. The theme for Pantaloons Annual Business Conference 2018 was Dream-Drive-Deliver that spoke majorly about the goals and targets for the upcoming year that came out alive through an anthem AV curated by us. We, as a team bring in a high level of dedication to every project to taste the success.”
Jigar Modi, Operations, said, “planning large-scale events is logistically challenging. In order to meet the challenge and deliver high-value experiences and to create a lasting impression, we needed acute organization and seamless attention to detail. We’re proud to say that TOAST was able to create a WOW experience for all Pantaloons employees.”
Shashank Mantri, Creatives, said, “Designing the stage set up in accordance to the theme was very crucial. We had to deliver and showcase something which the attendees had never seen before and parallelly experience the uniqueness. We focused on determining the client needs and delivered the perfect solution.”

PACE – Pantaloons Annual Conference for Excellence 2018 was executed by TOAST Events

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