The Think Tank Entertainment (T3) Brings Paris to Mumbai for Kanakia Project

Marketing | December 10, 2018 | News

Kanakia Group unveiled the launch of the Podium Garden at BKC with much fanfare and media glitz. This event was organised for around 250 Channel Partners on November 21, 2018. Kanakia brought the essence of Paris, the city of lights, to Mumbai, the city of dreams, where The Think Tank Entertainment executed this vision to a T. This event welcomed the channel partners and took them straight into the heart of the French capital. With a dazzling display of over 500 lights, the team lit up the entire site right from the walkway to the building facade.

Their entry into the Parisian lifestyle started right at the entrance. The invitees had to walk through a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, one of Paris’ renowned monuments, decked with lights and LED jugglers welcoming them into this magical world.

The well-lit walkway inspired images of a Parisian boulevard by night. This event aptly captured the lively street culture of Paris. The international saxophonist belted out western classical melodies to set the relaxed vibe of the venue. Other quintessentially Parisian street acts such as Mime artists, Stilt Walker, and Live Statue attracted the attention of the audience and mingled with them.

To add an element of drama and entertainment to the evening there was a short skit incorporating the monument replicas and street performers. The act depicting a love story of a girl from India and a boy from Paris caught the audience’s eye as well as depicted the meeting of two different lifestyles in this real estate project. The channel partners and other attendees could sit under the glow of the well-lit Luxor Obelisk, another Parisian marvel and enjoy the act played out around them. The most popular site was the replica of the Eiffel tower, which generated a lot of buzz, as it is the most iconic image of Paris as well as the climax of the short skit. 

The Can - Can dancers flanking the Eiffel Tower performed various dance forms, which originated in Paris. This eye-catching display attracted the attention of the attendees who wanted to click pretty pictures of the venue as well as take perfect selfies. For those who wanted to experience Paris through its food could satisfy their taste buds at the Café de Paris, serving authentic macaroons and muffins. This café served up delicious delights for the channel partners present there.

This whole event was set up with the backdrop as the Kanakia Paris Towers. These buildings bathed in warm amber lights that looked beautiful in the night sky. It is evident that The T3 Team did a great job. This was an Innovative way to showcase to the customers, the Parisian life they will be having once they move into Kanakia Paris. The act was very well appreciated by the Channel Partners and was loved by Kanakia Group. 

Ayesha Humne, Client Serving Executive, The Think Tank Entertainment states, “Working yet again with Kanakia has been an enthralling experience.  Right from the décor, to the lights, to the Set-up, it was a sight to behold. Also, to manage around 20 artists with a skit including audience interaction in a live project site is not a mean feat. But at T3, it’s always best with the chaos”

Kanakia launched it's new project Podium garden at BKC with the essence of Paris organised by The Think Tank Entertainment (T3).

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