Vivaah Weddings Decks Up Fairmont Ajman in UAE for This Gorgeous Indian Wedding

Weddings | December 6, 2018 | News


Meera Mehta and Keval Dhanani’s wedding was hosted at Fairmont Ajman, UAE. After a surprise proposal in Dubai, Meera and Keval wanted no surprises on their wedding and therefore picked their vendors with extra care. As a result, their nuptials with its cool thematic events went off smoothly. 

They wanted to host a destination wedding because Keval and Meera have families spread across Kenya, Britain, Australia, and India. Keeping this in mind, they felt that UAE would be the ideal location.

The directors of Vivaah Weddings spent 3-4 days with the family looking at numerous venues across Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai and Ajman. After visiting almost 11 hotels across UAE we ended up at Fairmont Ajman. After seeing this hotel, they felt they didn’t have to look any further. The view of the open waters from the rooms was breathtaking, they had experience in managing Indian weddings – which was an important pre-requisite for them, and they decided to say their vows on the very popular helipad. The hotel gave them an upgrade and put them up at the hotel’s penthouse, and the team spoiled Meera as a bride which made her feel very special.

Wedding Planning

Their nuptials were planned and managed by Vivaah Weddings because the family liked their ideas and approach. What they liked best is that Vivaah are easy to get in touch with. Arun Bablani handles operations and logistics while Rahul Kumar is the one who is in touch with the bride & groom and knows how they are feeling.

Raja Shah of Clearvision Photography was their wedding photographer. He is based in the UK which made it easier for them to coordinate the shortlisting of the pictures, the details of the wedding album, and other details. The music was taken care of by Shiv Gopal Mehta. Resham Moorjani of Moor Designs created the wedding invites. Meera and Keval worked on it with the designers and all the artwork on the cards were created in alignment with the colors of the decor that would have been seen at the wedding.

Welcome Lunch

"They kicked off the wedding celebrations with an informal welcome lunch which was called 'Marhaba.' The first function was interesting yet made sure that the guests could look forward to what was in store next and then be bowled over by the larger scale of the next event."

Beach Party

"The beach party took place on the same day. The party began at 5 pm and went on till midnight. The theme for this was 'Carnival,' and the dress code was florals for the ladies and linen for the men. Meera wore a plain blue dress with flower embellishment in the bottom while Keval opted for a beige suit. They had floral decor and a gorgeous photo booth. The pictures clicked there were sent to the rooms of all their guests as memories that they could take away from the wedding. They had fire dancers, lots of music, a percussionist, Walter Scalzone - who was amazing, and even a team of mixologists who go by the name The Flaming Trio. Everyone partied together and danced the night away.


"The 'Moroccan Mehendi' was held at the Arabic themed restaurant of the hotel. The space was so nicely done that very minimal décor was needed. The venue was decked up in floral arrangements and the vibe was fairly informal. For entertainment, there were tanoura dancers and a Turkish ice cream man who performed tricks with his desserts. They also had sheesha because that’s something Keval and Meera bond over with their friends. The function was held by the pool, so a lot of our guests swam and some even played cards."


"'Mughal Mystique' was the theme of the sangeet, and the couple had their friends emcee the whole event as well as give speeches, that felt like a way of making everything more personal to them. Meera and her nine-year-old niece did solos. Other performances included Meera’s dance with her sisters, a medley to which their friends danced and a surprise performance by their cousins. Their mixologists created cocktails and mocktails that were not only created especially for their wedding but also christened after the bride’s and groom’s names and their wedding hashtag."


"Keval and Meera had their pheras in the evening, and Keval chose to enter the venue on a camel instead of a horse. Their mandap featured beautiful spirals that were created using fresh flowers, and the overall appearance was ombre. They exchanged vows just as the sun was setting, and it was magical. At one point, the weather had got so windy that the water was coming onto the helipad and they were forced to consider another venue option. However, it got slightly better just in time for the ceremony because of which they could proceed with the location that they had their heart set on. Even during the pheras, the wind was fairly strong because of which they could feel the mist around them, which, they thought, felt nice. Meera walked down the aisle to a song that she had pre-recorded.  Keval and Meera left quickly after a happy 'vidai' (farewell for the bride) because Meera was very sure that she did not want to cry at her wedding."


The theme for their reception was ‘Frosted.’ The decor there was just mind blowing, and they weren’t expecting it to be anything like the way it turned out. There was fake snow on the stage and the dancefloor, the tables looked like ice cubes, and their cake came down from the ceiling. It was beyond what they had. They had canapés and cocktails on the menu. Keval and Meera entered the venue and had their first dance which their friend Shiksha helped choreograph. On this night, they had speeches by their family and Raaga Factory, a band from Dubai, played live during dinner."

Rahul Kumar said, “It took us over a year to shape up this gorgeous wedding. With a bride like Meera who was focused and hands on, all things fell in place and well in line with what she had envisioned for her big day”.

Arun Bablani espressed, “We connected with the family instantly and it was a delight working on Meera and Keval's wedding. The entire team was enthusiastic from beginning to end. The guests witnessed a magnificent destination wedding”.

Wedding Planners & Vendors Details:

Wedding Planning & Management:  Vivaah Weddings

Wedding Invites & Stationary Design: Moor Designs

Design, Décor & Lighting: Timeless Designs

Photography: Clearvision Photography

The directors of Vivaah Weddings spent many days with the family looking at numerous venues across UAE. After visiting almost 11 hotels across the country they chose Fairmont Ajman.

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