'Legend of Fusion' – A Musical Revolution, an Initiative by ShowCase Events Curated by Lesle Lewis

Entertainment | December 4, 2018 | News

ShowCase Events

ShowCase events is set to bring the most unforgettable experience, a fusion of folk meets contemporary through 'Legend of Fusion' on January 25, 2019. ShowCase events has partnered with the master composer and singer, the legendary Lesle Lewis to curate and direct an experience, which will bring the forgotten sounds of folk music fused with the modern sound. The show will showcase a local talent, in this case, marathi folk, followed by authentic folk from Rajasthan, then a small piece of music to show the effect of fusion music, finally the big Show: Legend Of Fusion, where the legend Lesle Lewis will be featuring Kutle Khan, the amazing king of kartaal and Rajasthani folk music, to create music which will bring alive the forgotten folk songs.

Maestro in Contemporary music Lesle Lewis and the famous Rajasthani Folk singer Kutle Khan will come together for a live performance to premiere on January 25, 2019, at The Royal Opera House, Mumbai.

They will not only perform individually but when together the magic that they will create will leave everyone spellbound. Lesle Lewis, singer, composer and performer, has pioneered Independent music in India. As a music director, he created the music score for Beauty and The Beast; Conceived and created all the music for COKE STUDIO @ MTV in India. 

He started Classical Fusion along with Hariharan as the Colonial Cousins and now he will be collaborating for the first time with Kutle Khan.  Lesle says” I am very happy that finally forgotten folk music will get its place in the current generation. I am excited to have curated, directed and sung in this project called Legends of Fusion with maestro musician from Rajasthan Kutle Khan. Showcase events is bringing this memorable event to all music lovers”

Kutle Khan, a multi-talented folk musician, has performed on various stages across the world; He embodies the rich melodic and sophisticated rhythmic traditions of Rajasthani folk music. This master of the kartaal began playing music at the age of 8, learning every instrument he could get his hands on. A singer as well as a musician, Khan not only plays the dholak, khartal, bhapang, harmonium, sarangi, the lot, proving that there’s no percussion he can’t play, he also sings soulful renditions.


ShowCase events to bring in 'Legend of Fusion' a Folk meets Contemporary show curated and directed by Lesle Lewis.

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