Uprise India Sets The Stage for Global Presence

Industry Watch | December 3, 2018 | Press Release

Uprise India which is the inimitable Women Entrepreneur Initiative, is all set for its forthcoming International venture. Vikram Shankar, renowned writer and Director of the Indian film industry has joined hands to support entrepreneurial dreams of women and will take this initiative to International level. Uprise India is all set to foray its global footprint and also inviting representatives from Asia Pacific countries to join hands together with the initiative. 

The session destined to be held in Moscow, New Delhi, Lucknow and rural parts of Uttarakhand respectively. The session will be based on personality development and building start-ups. Uprise India is also going to launch ‘Talk Solutions’ with an aim is to give solutions for business and career-related issues to women. 

Akash Shukla, Founder, Uprise India 2018 and Business Head, Circle Creation said, “I am really thankful to Mr. Vikram Shankar who has joined hands to take this initiative to International level and we are also inviting Asia Pacific countries to join hands. I am so happy to see all the women, who have done an incredible work and achieved great heights in their respective fields. Uprise India, is providing the platform for women who are trying to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Women who will enroll with the program would be getting support & guidance for making their dream career successful”. 

In support of the initiative, Vikram Shankar, Co-Founder Uprise India, and Director INSD said, “I am honoured to be the part of Uprise India and really grateful to Mr. Akash Shukla who has given me this opportunity of making a difference in the society. Women are stepping out of their comfort zones, ready to explore new horizons and embrace new challenges. Uprise India is a unique entrepreneurial platform, which will definitely help women to make their diverse identity in the world.”

Uprise India will reach many other metropolitan cities to provide free consultation and guidance. It will also attract many other eminent personalities to join hands in helping women to achieve their dreams.


Vikram Shankar joined hands in support of Uprise India.

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