Sagar Kumar & Ritin Kumar of CineLove Speak on Taking Wedding Photography to Another Level

Weddings | November 27, 2018 | Interview

CineLove Luxmi Digital Studio

CineLove is the wedding photography division of Luxmi Digital Studio based in Delhi. Today we spoke with Sagar Kumar and Ritin Kumar, the leading men at CineLove about their vision for the wedding photography division and how they’ve come so far with impeccable work and creative ideas. Excerpts below -

1) Being in the photography and videography industry since 1980, Luxmi Digital Studio has worked on several projects, how has your journey been so far?

Our Humble Beginnings

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings in 1980. 38 years, 1000s of weddings, and a million captured smiles later Luxmi Digital Studio today has successfully established itself as a trusted expert across India for all kinds of photographic needs by making the process of being photographed a joyful experience and consistently encapsulating moments into beautiful snapshots of memories.

In these three decades, while we have been working with commitment, dedication and trust, the unwavering faith and confidence of our clients and the event industry has helped us grow tremendously. 

Whether it be a destination wedding in a distant Mediterranean Island, a political wedding in UP with a 25,000+ guest-list or a fine art corporate documentary for a prominent MNC, we have done it all. The journey has been nothing but extraordinary, enriching and enlightening for us. Nothing is greater than being a valuable part of one’s most memorable occasions and having the privilege to capture and serve those moments to be later relived for a lifetime.

2) Being a part of Luxmi Digital Studio, how does CineLove strive to offer the most unique and promising photography and wedding filming services to the clients? 

Photography – Not a mere Process but an Art

CineLove Productions co-founded by the brother duo –  Ritin and Sagar Kumar aims at presenting a wedding as a vibrant spectacle of emotions and celebrations. Team CineLove is made up of celebrated photographers and cinematographers who come from all over the world bringing a thorough photojournalistic approach to wedding tales.

For CineLove, photography is not merely a technical process, it’s a form of art. It’s a canvas which captures a person at their truest self. When emotions are laid bare and through our lenses, we capture their soul. This belief has been instrumental in us acquiring a diverse set of skills and the blossoming of trust in the hearts of our clientele.

Our team of professionals, including documentary editors, fine art directors, creative animators and sound artists, many of whom have done some illustrious work across the globe, are always on a lookout for emotions that make every frame retell the unseen story behind the union. A tale is nothing but a string of moments that may be anxious, full of excitement and love, jittery or fun. From suave dance moves, to when the bride first descends the aisle with her bridesmaids, to the tears running down Grandma's cheek as she sees the bride off - we capture what a couple would miss the most.

3) Which project did you find as the most challenging? 

Every single Wedding we do brings with it a unique set of experiences and challenges associated with it. Each story we capture is unique and thus requires a thorough individualistic approach in understanding the couple and their union before we proceed to document the biggest day of their lives.

Weddings these days are inclined to serve as an experience for the guests involved and photographer plays a very important role in this. Be it a same day edit teaser to be played in front of a huge gathering, complex team and equipment logistics of a big fat destination wedding or unforeseen weather changes, we embrace every mild and big challenge we come across and try to overcome it with something to learn.

4) What are the ways in which CineLove makes the best to consider not only for weddings but also for corporate events? 

What makes us click

Our creativity and imagination has always made us stand out. Through CineLove, our wedding photography division, we have had the honour of covering 1000s of weddings worldwide across different cultures and traditions. This extensive creative experience is one of our key USPs when it comes to reliability.

With a dedicated corporate photography and filming team, Luxmi also boasts of a prominent client list in the corporate world. We understand that a business requires not only high quality, but high quality delivered at swift speeds. With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced postproduction units, we ensure that all corporate assignments are taken to completion in the least possible time and are as unique as a business’s identity.

We have always ensured that our clients can keep their fondest memories in loving photographs and will continue to be at their service, forever.

L'Amore | Kanchan & Prasanna | Pre Wedding Promo | Italy, 2018 from CineLove Productions on Vimeo.

CineLove is the wedding photography division of Luxmi Digital Studio based in Delhi.

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