Aeropostale Launches it's New Collection: Ropes in Priyank Sharma to Inaugurate

Marketing | November 22, 2018 | News

Toast Events Aeropostale

Aeropostale an American youth fashion brand launches its new collection. The brand stands for being free-spirited, creative, energetic and youthful. 

Toast Events was roped in to bring on-board a young and trendy brand spokesperson and create an Aero Dance Anthem with Aeropostale in Lucknow. Priyank Sharma was the first choice when they started planning the entire event since he is uber cool, charming and energetic. 

Priyank Sharma invited the fans to the store through the new Aero Dance Anthem video on his social media. There was a craze amongst the youth of Lucknow, as the store saw a huge number of customers and onlookers queuing up outside the Aéropostale store.

He grooved to the beats of the anthem live for the customers gathered to see him. A few fans were picked from the crowd by Priyank to shake a leg with him and create their version of Aero dance anthem. 

Vipul Baradia, Client Servicing, Toast Events said, “It was quite a fun event. We work very closely with Aeropostale which helps in curating enjoyable events for them and meet their brand objectives"  

The launch project of Aeropostale's new collection in Lucknow was bagged by Toast Events.

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