Integrated Marketing Communication Forum by Umbrella Aegis at 'The Activation Venues Forum 2018'

Marketing | November 20, 2018 | News

Umbrella Aegis Brandwidth Events

The Activation Venues Forum is India’s first initiative to promulgate the potential of Integrated Marketing Communication. This year, they are magnifying TAVF as India’s first Integrated Marketing Communication Forum (IMCF) to elevate marketing and digital communication. TAVF marks the union of all these forces, for the third year in a row. TAVF recognizes and rewards the best of Venues, Brands, and Solution Providers in distinct categories across all channels.

Integrating all marketing communication channels in one place to explore and elaborate on the future of advertising. TAVF is a platform that offers an opportunity to share, discuss and understand the Futuristic Trends, Technology, Innovations and Marketing strategies that will have a prominent impact on Ideation and Communication of Brands, Venues and Media Vehicles. Brandwidth Events is the official event partner for TAVF.

Umbrella Aegis is organizing the Integrated Marketing Communication Forum at TAVF this year with the sole purpose of bringing all the elements of 360-degree marketing at one place, this shall facilitate the brands be it direct consumer brands, B2B brands, Malls, Hotels etc.

Umbrella Aegis is creating a digital ecosystem with the participation of speakers from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Speakers and panelists from Fashion by Big Bazaar, Lulu Mall, Phoenix Malls,  various agencies and supply chains are also going to be a part of this event. All the elements a brand requires from its inception to consumption shall be discussed by market leaders at one place.

Suresh Kumar Kurapaty, Founder, Umbrella Aegis says, "We are hoping that brands have a great experience at IMCF and are able to get an insight into how Technology Innovations in Experiential Marketing, Digital platforms, Publishing companies, Outdoor media etc can have a greater impact in polishing their marketing campaigns."


Umbrella Aegis to organise the Integrated Marketing Communication Forum at TAVF an event managed by Brandwidth Events.

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