Hero National Dealer Conclave Gave Out the Spirit of Budapest Executed by SALTxp

Business Events | November 14, 2018 | News

Hero MotoCorp

Hero Moto Corp’s National Dealer Conclave is an annual event meant to incentivize and motivate dealers for the upcoming festive season took place on September 23 -25, 2018 at Budapest, Hungary. SALTxp got the mandate to execute the conclave, where the theme was to create something which brings out a spirit of Budapest.

SALTxp developed a mechanism that ushered in a brand new era of communication and interaction to the NDC. The conclave thus entailed two major experiences - the business conference and the gala dinner. These were brought alive through a whopping 150 hours of content, about 840 creative studio hours and over a hundred man-hours of production.

Prior to the conclave, a common app was introduced where the delegates, who had been divided into 6 teams, worked together in tandem with their zonal managers to meditate upon various subjects pertaining to the organization. This ensured that the great work of ideation would not be restricted to the limited days of the conference. The scale of MICE Movement for the conference was expansive, yet seamless with a complete logistic and hospitality management for over 950 delegates between two countries, and over multiple venues. The guests were taken on an excursion through the beautiful sights of Budapest with a curated sight-seeing tour.

The business conference was an ode to the future of Hero Moto Corp, executed with a larger than life, tech-forward setup at Budapest Congress Center’s Main Patria Hall. 

Sumit Chandhoke, CEO, SALT Experiences and Management, explains the essence of this year’s conclave “Budapest is the coming together of two elements- ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’- Buda stands for grandness and imperial heritage, and Pest stands for everything modern and happening a combination of these two is the spirit of the NDC. The great legacy of Hero, moving swiftly towards the future. The experiences we created follow this foundational idea- the futuristic business conference, and the old world elegance of the gala dinner”.

A dynamic occasion, the entire day was filled to the brim with experiences of learning and growth. The technology was heavily integrated at every step through the main app created prior to the conference, and innovative audiovisual displays that revolved around the main theme of the conference- ‘The Power of You’. As the conference ended, the evening’s festivities took on a regal colour, with a grand gala dinner at the Lion’s Court in the majestic Buda Castle. The event was a black tie affair, making the palatial venue a perfect choice. At every step, the attendees were enveloped in royal fervor. The Royal Guards were there to deliver an awe-inspiring welcome to the Chairman, and an authentic Hungarian dance troupe transported every guest to a different world through the spirit of motion.

The highlight of the event was the majestic merger of orchestral rhythms with futuristic technology, a memorable tribute to the merger of ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’. An intricate 4-day setup led to something that has never been seen before- a synchronized projection mapping and light show upon the walls of the castle. A live 20-member orchestra playing their operatic tunes accompanied the visual treat.

All in all, the conclave was a resounding success- leaving a lasting impression on all present. Attendees called the conference full of energy, with a refreshing cultural experience to cherish forever.

SALTxp executes the Hero National Dealer Conclave, an annual event to incentivize and motivate dealers.

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