Femina Showcase Pop-Up Event to Happen at DLF Cyber Hub Gurugram

Entertainment | October 31, 2018 | News

A for Pineapple Femina

A for pineapple created an Insta-event for Iconic Fashion Brand Femina. To instantly create a fashion statement that’s eternal, it takes experience and knowledge of craft. Femina briefed AFP five days prior to the event to create a Femina  Showcase Popup event at the DLF Cyber Hub, Gurugram. 

It was a race against time but in five days AFP assembled together an interesting Flea Market with over 16 stalls comprising of Femina Kitchen and Femina Salon. The best fashion troupe had to be put together for the iconic fashion Brand. AFP scouted and hired fourteen models, choreography team and Stylists for the models. Also India’s best brands were roped in in as event partners; shoe was sourced from Bata, Cloths were sourced from Swoon. 

Ajit Singh, National Head AFP said, “The most challenging task was to complete huge setup in five hours which we got from Cyber hub along with painting their SOPs. But the team was driven to deliver and we somehow managed and put up a good show for both client as well as audience”

A for Pineapple created a showcase pop -up at DLF Cyber Hub Gurugram for 'Femina'.

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