6 Top Performers Elaborate on Living-Up to Evolving Client Requirements in LIVE Entertainment

Entertainment | October 29, 2018 | Feature

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Any event is incomplete without performances as they are undoubtedly the most entertaining part. The Artist who performs LIVE has high importance in maintaining glamour quotient of that particular event. Most of the people vouch for the lineup. Along with the evolving event trends, client briefs are also changing. It's challenging for artists to bring in something new everytime they perform. Let's take a look at what top Performers have to say about the developing client briefs and how they manage to pull it off in a new manner.

Benny Dayal

As times progress, so should artists. We constantly strive to engage our audience through the best use of the latest technology including time-coded lights, LED’s with beautiful and relevant visuals with a focus on establishing brand identity and driving the brand message. The aim is to create consumer loyalty towards the brand through creativity in our performances and innovative use of technology. Moreover, we are lucky to be connected with audiences in more ways than just the physical space; yes, social media!  This constant connect and reach calls for more thought and preparation into creating our acts so that it appeals to the real and virtual audience.

It is also imperative as performers to acknowledge all means of audience reception and recognise and incorporate relevant feedback so as to help create a lasting emotional connect. It is our duty to grow and evolve with the changing times so as to be relevant to the growing markets. And in the end, these changes only help us become better performers, better entertainers and yet drive the client message across to all the consumers.

Neeti Mohan

Gone are the days where the clients wanted to deliver a serious musical show with trained singers demonstrating their technically correct music skills. These days the motive is to create an unforgettable experience. We as artists need to be abreast with the latest technologies that can be integrated into the performances to create a more captivating experience for the audience. Whether it’s a college annual festival or a product launch or an employee engagement event by a corporate, we artists need to align ourselves to the goals of the event, the values of the institution, the type of audience and deliver performances accordingly. 

Our song lists, our clothing attire, our body language is all customised to suit the needs of the occasion at play. We are not just singers on a stage anymore, we are performers who are trying to create a real emotional connection with not just the actual audience but also the virtual audience and thus drive the goals of the event to everyone who watches us on any medium. We need to embrace change, keep pushing our limits and keep growing with the fast developing times while being true to ourselves and our music.

Haricharan Seshadri

Client briefs are Subject to change all the time. It ranges from different time durations to different demographics of audiences and genres of music. It's necessary to understand what the client actually wants and to know the history of the performances in the previous year. There are a few must do's in my setlist since I am the artist they want and I definitely have to perform “my” songs and I always have a floating content according to the requirement. Its necessary to have a Pronto-Ready Band who can adapt to quick changes in the setlist.

Performing is always a gamble, you need to give what the audience likes and also exhibit good musicality to improve the taste in them. Healthy Balance of both helps you sustain. 

Haji Springer 

Indian sound is changing due to the globalised digitization. People are accepting various genres which they didn't have access to before. The hip-hop boom that you see in India is the effect of this phenomenon. I as an artist always try to create a unique sound which comprises of the true American hip-hop and Indian mainstream tunes.

Clients today expect the best of energy on stage and I always deliver a breathtaking performance for the audience which they can't find elsewhere. The hip-hop scene has just got started I'm South Asia, it will be the next biggest boom of the music industry in India. We are now officially looking at the rise of DesiHipHop with no plans of stopping any time soon.

Raj Barman

As an artist, I try to present songs differently on YouTube - as solo covers with a guitar or keyboard, as duo mashup of old vs new hit songs, as the full live band, and also as various forms of collaborations. And clients expect whatever they like on YouTube. We try to adapt to the mood or theme of the event and customize our set list accordingly. It involves a lot of romantic songs across generations as well as contemporary hits arranged in our own pop-rock format. 

Lesle Lewis

From earlier times in the 90s, when clients booked an Artist (eg. my band Colonial Cousins), they expected the artist to perform songs they were known for. But the changing trend has been that the client does not expect that alone anymore but in effect, wants to be entertained beyond the repertoire of the artist. So now, most artists do perform songs that they have not necessarily been known for. As a result, most artists end up performing more or less the same set of popular songs.

My versatility as an artist in various forms of music and having created Indipop, Bollywood Remixes, Classical Fusion as Colonial Cousins and  Coke Studio now helps me perform a set that entertains a wide a range of audience. I can as easily end up rocking an average local audience on the street and also absolutely top eclectic CEO type Audience purely due to me having created such a wide range of music in India. Once I know the audience bandwidth, I can easily deliver what the clients require. You will notice that 'LESLE LEWIS' is not lost in the Mix. When I step onstage, I want to entertain the audience in my way.

The aim is to create consumer loyalty towards the brand through creativity in our performances and innovative use of technology - Benny Dayal.

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