Top 3 Artist Management Agencies Reveal What Helps Them Stand Apart

Entertainment | October 16, 2018 | Feature

Canvas Talent

India has a vast pool of talent when it comes to performing and to give a boost to artists, their talent, and provide them with an equal opportunity is where Artist Management Agencies come into the picture. Let's take a look at some of the best Artist Management Agencies and the roster of talent they have to offer.

Roaring Folks 

Founded in 2017, Roaring Folks has managed to garner an impressive roster of artists in just a year. Roaring Folks is well integrated into all the multiple aspects of business operations in the music and entertainment industry, M&E conglomerates in India and Dubai. Roaring Folks carefully identifies a particular talent the brand wishes to focus on and works towards developing and grooming that talent as well as building an artistic value in the industry.

The company's core principle is that no two artists are alike in what service, content, performance act or product they offer. From the artist's perspective, there’s no competition for their market space within the organisation and the focus is very clear on developing opportunities for each individual artist. Under its label uTunes Entertainment, Roaring Folks offers artists global control of their original content and the ability to monetise their content across all modes and mediums in a transparent manner.

"Roaring Folks is about signing quality artists not quantity simply for numbers. As such we are the entrusted company of leading artists not only in India but even internationally, for megastars based in Dubai and Pakistan. We invest in our relationships and earning the trust and respect of signed talents. We are very careful who we chose to associate with. Our roster currently exclusively represents the business of international star Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in India In collaboration with PME World. We also manage the well-known Punjabi pop star Sukhbir and recently we have signed the guru of contemporary dance in India, Shiamak Davar to represent him and his dance company across private/social events globally. Roaring Folks works with emerging talent and helps in their development - like Amit Gupta and the pianist Jonathan Paul," says Ram Mishra, Founder, Roaring Folks.

Canvas Talent

The uniqueness of Canvas is creativity, innovation, and development around its artists. The music business has been constantly progressing over the years which has led Canvas to evolve as a company as well. Canvas Talent started as a booking and management agency in 2005 and now they are one of India’s leading talent management and artist development agencies. The brand's uniqueness comes from experience, creativity, innovation and the ability to develop artists with the core being A&R. Canvas is in the business of curating experiences between the artist/fan ecosystems at one end and platforms, brands, advertisers and broadcasters on the other. 

Canvas Talent's roster comprises of singers, writers, composers who have built unique properties and experiences with their creative inputs. Some of the brand's leading talents are: Farhan Live - Farhan Akhtar's Bollywood Rock act; Ayushmann Bhava - with Ayushmann Khurrana’s band; Storyteller Sessions with Shankar Mahadevan; and others like India’s First World Music folk set with Shankar’s Mahadevan’s My Country My Music; Bollywood International Duo act with DJ Suketu, Monica Dogra, Shibani Dandekar, 

"In my view, you can’t develop a creative artist unless you are creative yourself. And that’s the edge we have over the others," says Anurag Rao.


BandEdge's roster focuses on being multi-genre, multilingual, multinational, and most importantly multi-budget. It's not a celebrity management agency, but its prime focus is on building talents from the scratch. Apart from programming live shows for any type of occasion, they give end-to-end solutions to clients for ad jingles, theme music, film songs, music distribution, content production, music casting, etc.

Opposed to most of the other agencies that specialise in a specific genre (majority of them being Bollywood, followed by reality show performers, then DJs, etc.), BandEdge is a multi-genre talent management agency focused in identifying absolutely unknown talents, work with them hand-in-glove, build up their careers both in terms of content and live, and then monetising them. 

Kinjal Bhattacharya, Founder, MD and CEO BandEdge Talent Agency says, "Our talents cover every genre, and various languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Assamese, Nepalese, Rajasthani, etc. I think artists who are growing come to us because they know we would understand what they need as a catalyst to their careers, and they can jointly work with us towards achieving their dreams. On the other hand, with our vast experience of 13 years, clients believe that we can programme the best entertainer in their budget range. That's what makes us special in both cases." 


Roaring Folks, Canvas Talent, and BandEdge share with us what makes them different when it comes to their roster of talent.

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