Italy, London, Scotland and Jodhpur Amongst Photographer's Favourite Pre-wedding Shoot Destinations

Weddings | October 15, 2018 | Feature

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Today, when most couples choose international destinations for their pre-wedding shoots, photographers try to create more than regular photographs to cherish and transforms them into beautiful and unique memorable moments. As destinations play a major role in creating a theme and also styling the shoots, we asked top four photographers on which destinations are best for a unique pre-wedding shoot. And here’s what they had to say -

'Tourist Attractions of London' says, The Wedding Story – Harpreet Bacher

Our favourite destination for pre-wedding shoot would be London. It is the perfect   destination for capturing elegant as well as casual pictures of the to-be-wedded   couples. There are so many tourist attractions in this city that makes it perfect for   couples to get their pre-wedding photoshoot done. London eye etc. are some of the   great spaces to get your pre-wedding photoshoot done.  


'Blue Lanes and Sanddunes of Jodhpur' for, PK Suri Photography – Parikshit Suri


One of my favourite destinations in the country is Jodhpur. Jodhpur offers a lot of   fantastic opulent palaces along with the old city blue lanes, step wells and close to   Jodhpur the sand dunes, the locations make it a hot favourite for getting shots of the   couple along with amazing backgrounds. The only difficulty that one can face is   shooting in Jodhpur during summers, since the weather is not conducive for shooting outdoors with temperatures nearing 50 degrees. 


During the summers one needs to plan shots early morning before the sun comes out or after sunset. Overall it is an amazing space to get your pre-wedding photo shoot.

'Iconic Monuments of Italy' says, Cupcake Productions – Jayant Chhabra

Though we love the European landscapes and cities like Prague and London, our current favourite is Italy. This incredible city is a treasure chest full of iconic monuments, beautiful churches, and impressive backdrops, which makes it an ideal   location for your pre-wedding.


'Historic Architecture and Landscapes of Scotland' for, WeddingNama – Ankita Asthana

From the various cities we’ve worked for pre-wedding shoots around the   world, we   love the beauty and charisma Scotland possesses. The castles,  historic architecture  and landscapes makes Scotland a one of kind   destination for pre-wedding   photoshoots.


Top wedding photographers list their favourite most destinations for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

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