3 Super Interactive AR / VR Brand Activations Of Recent Times

Industry Watch | October 8, 2018 | Feature

Event experiences are developing day by day and the experience is no more limited to stage settings, lighting, and performances. Now that technology is evolving at a faster rate it is also covering the event sector and the contribution is massive. Through this technology, brands are delivering amazing experiences which add up to their brand recognition. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality are some of the examples of these, which event companies are using to create something which stays with the audience. Let us take a look at some of the projects which involved the use of Interactive Technology. 

TaggLabs - Mixed Reality

Global Mobility Summit organised by NITI Aayog at Vigyan Bhawan in the capital on September 7 and 8, 2018, focused on raising awareness about various aspects of Mobility and bringing together various stakeholders involved in enhancing mobility across different platforms. The idea was to showcase the vision of various automobile brands and how they are planning to move forward toward the future of mobility.

For this summit, TaggLabs created an MR Table which consisted of 3D miniatures of the key products that were mounted on the table. It had a 32-inch screen to display the content and a slider tablet that worked as the controller. 2 cameras were mounted onto the screen that displayed the side view and top view of the 3D models. Once the user clicked on the any of the given 3 options on the tablet, the slider would move onto the selected option and augment the relevant content.

For Toyota’s Mirai, they showcased how the hydrogen-powered engine is assembled along with the fuel pump. The main aim was to showcase the entire environment onto the screen keeping the real product onto the screen. The users could interact with the car using the disc onto which it was placed. For Smart City, the team showcased the 3 pillars of future of mobility i.e. Connected Mobility, Automated Mobility, and Sustainable Mobility by augmenting beautiful content onto the screen for all the 3 pillars. For Tata’s electric bus, they showcased the CG of an electric bus, which users can drive in the smart city environment using the rotating disc onto which it was kept.

Transhuman Collective - Virtual Reality

Sunburn, one of the world's biggest dance music festival in collaboration with Transhuman created the world's first drone virtual reality for 'Passion Unleashed'. It gave the audience a unique aerial pov of the festival. When the audience wears the VR glasses, a drone equipped with 360-degree camera gives them a tour of the festival. It gave the audience a feeling as if they are flying over the festival.

TAGBIN - Augmented Reality

Continuing their streak for delivering excellence, Tagbin installed an Augmented Reality (AR) set-up for one of the leading media houses of the country - INDIA TODAY GROUP. The Vice Chairperson of the India Today Group, Kalli Purie delivered the “VOTE OF THANKS” speech at their INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE  event with the help of Tagbin's modern experiential solution.

Knowing the fact that human brains connect more with visuals as compared to words, Tagbin created a technological wonder where visuals were triggered live rather than pre-recorded, which made a lasting impression on the audience. Utilising normal hand gestures of the moderator (Kalli Purie in this case), they created an augmented reality set-up which allowed her to deliver her speech on a 70 feet wide screen placed right behind her along with the live telecast on the television. The graphics/animations appeared on the screens dancing on her hand gestures. A camera was placed near the stage which took care of the screening while the sensors took care of the hand movements and speech animation. The entire AR presentation completely mesmerized the audience. The accompanying video will give you a clearer vision of what really the AR presentation was like.

EVENTFAQS is sharing some of the best Brand Activations done using AR/VR Technology in recent times.

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