'VODAFONE Zonathone 2018' Vodafone's Last Stand Gujarat Event Curated by Awoke Solutions

Industry Watch | October 5, 2018 | News

Awoke Marketing Entertainment Solution

'VODAFONE Zonathone 2018' was Vodafone's last event as a single entity in Gujarat before their massive merger with IDEA. This event was a very special event for Vodafone as well as for Awoke Marketing Entertainment Solution as they came on board as curators and they decided to take this event to a next level and make it memorable. 

As Vodafone is a well known corporate client and is a well-known brand all over, the challenge for Team Awoke was to create something which has never happened before. The Team wanted to make each and every member of the company feel as if they are the leaders. In order to achieve that a theme "CAPTAIN ON THE DECK" was created. As the name suggests, the theme was based on ships and cruises, and they strove to give it a naval look. 

After days of brainstorming, they created a final output in which was a 3D photobooth. It was created in such a way which could replicate a captain standing on his deck. Then there was a larger than life stage which was inspired by the sails of the ship. To make it feel more realistic they kept 2 miniature lighthouses on both the sides of the stage.  along with open sails. The cherry on the top was the bridge in the passage to create a ship boarding experience for the guests.

"Team Awoke with such a mesmerising work sure left a memorable mark in hearts of the client, a lasting mark which will be appriciated every time they look at the album," says Nehal Shah, Director, Awoke Solutions.

Vodafone's last event before its merger with IDEA, 'VODAFONE Zonathone 2018' executed by Awoke Solutions

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