Mahindra Marazzo Launch Flawlessly Conceptualised by Mantra Events

Marketing | October 5, 2018 | News

Mantra Events Mahindra and Mahindra

Mantra Events was awarded the mandate to execute the launch of Mahindra Marazzo SUV by Mahindra & Mahindra. The client brief stayed to the point and mentioned that the launch should be a “World Class, Industry Stirring and Powerful” event. Additionally, they wished for the launch activity to create a “Big Buzz” in the entire country, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees, on social media, the automobile fraternity. The final brief was that the SUV that is inspired by a shark be highlighted in a way that connects with all the positive attributes of the marine animal.

Making a shift from traditional launch events, there were a lot of special effects used for the launch. The concept for the event was called “Immersive reality – Revisit the underwater world of the shark” and team mantra used the technology of Projection Mapping to achieve this highly imaginative concept. The team had prepared CG transitions for opening, unveil and closing parts and some other twists for the entire show, as well as lighting design for these parts.

The brand presentations were designed in a way that it brought to life the integral features of the vehicle in a unique “3D Illusion”, as the speaker was presenting the details of the vehicle.

As the event was held in the Nashik Mahindra Plant, the major challenge was to integrate everything at such a location. The team successfully created the hangar structure 80ft x 140ft with a height of 52ft in centre, 40ft at the side and the first-of-its-kind step seating structure during rainy season with strong wind flow. People were seated in an auditorium style structure with the 1st row starting at 13ft above ground and reaching up to 19ft above ground.

The challenge was to complete the setup within a short time as it was a full production working plant. The team also had to ensure that the car was unveiled under the stage, with the correct angles to create the right impact.

Talking about the launch, James Varghese, Events head, Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Sector said, "It was one of its kind launch, which created a benchmark in the auto industry, Mantra was able to create the impact in the minds of the audience which will last for a long time. Since the day Mantra had presented the idea, we were very sure the Team Mantra will be able to create the desired impact needed for such kind of launch. Everybody right from the internal audience which are top management at M&M and also media at large were zapped to see the launch event right from content to unveiling.”

While the brief was to create a launch experience to be different and a world class event, the team at Mantra events thought to add more to it. They wanted the experience to be immersive, innovative and should be planned in such a way that it should reach out to a larger audience that is available on social media along with 300 guests inside the venue.

Talking about the execution, Gaurav Thakkar, CEO, Mantra Events & Promotion Pvt. Ltd. said, "The project was conceptualised not only to make it look like an international level experience but also to add and escalate the value. The first concept to be cracked was the entry of the car. How to make it different from the conventional methods of driving it in on stage from sides or through a split LED. Since the Marazzo is inspired by shark and shark often hunts on the surface the thought was why not bring the car from under the stage. To make that happen, the team had to elevate the entire platform including the seating by 9 feet so that the car can be parked beneath.

The second creative brainstorming was how to make the product presentation different. The team chose to go with 2 walls and floor using projection as a technology medium. While this set design has been use in the world, what has not been done is to make content so immersive that it gives you a feel of live Augmented Reality. The concept and content partner Creative Factory designed the entire content using one point perspective in order to make the content that looks 3D with naked eyes."

The event established that the Mahindra Marazzo is inspired by a shark in a way that connects with all the positive attributes of a shark.

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