The Wedding Filmer Launches Two New Exciting Developments

Weddings | October 4, 2018 | News

The Wedding Filmer

The Wedding Filmer is a name that needs no introduction in view of their breakthrough work. By capturing the purest of emotions, introducing slow motion and aerial shooting in weddings; and making ‘films’ at a time when people only watched wedding ‘videos’, they laid the groundwork for what is now one of the biggest film industries in the country.

Their work has taken them across the world and carved a niche for others to follow. TWF is known for creating chart topping soundtracks which have eventually become a part of pop culture today with numerous brides choosing to walk down the aisle to their songs. Each song is composed in-house and exclusively made available only to the bride & groom. Being pioneers in this industry and having a deeper sense of story-telling at weddings, TWF were also called upon by Bollywood to direct the wedding sequence in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

Vishal Punjabi, the brainchild behind The Wedding Filmer continues to revolutionize the experience of weddings in India. Not only does he have numerous awards and accolades to his name, but is also the forerunner in introducing exciting technology like 4K resolution and 360 films in the wedding space. Having worked in advertisement and films like Main Hoon Na, Don and Asoka, Vishal brings with him years of experience and a crew of high-end industry artists, editors and cinematographers who work on weddings exclusively for The Wedding Filmer (TWF).

This year he launched two new exciting developments at TWF, the highly customized wedding mini-series and 360 virtual reality films which literally put you back in time.

  • The mini-series is a shorter format version of The Wedding Filmer’s celebrated film style ranging between 30-35 minutes. For people who would much rather prefer something shorter but equally good, this is the best offer available out there. It also comes with a remarkable price drop and is apt for small and intimate weddings. Despite being shorter in length, these films are very engaging and each edit is personally supervised by Vishal Punjabi himself.
  • Another cherry on the cake is the introduction of their 360-degree video AKA virtual reality. “With the films we create, it is our earnest ambition to make the families relive their best days. If we can get one step closer to that, why stop?” says Vishal. This is a relatively new format for wedding films but it is slowly catching up to be the next big thing. A 360-degree view would allow the couple to look around and see all the little details, smiles and moments that they may have missed during the wedding. The Wedding Filmer is here to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each wedding film that leaves the studio is a timeless piece of work which could be cherished for generations.


The Wedding Filmer highly customized wedding mini-series and 360 virtual reality films which will take you back in time.

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