New Gear Alert: What's Latest in Lighting / Visual Tech Market

Industry Watch | October 3, 2018 | Feature

When it comes to event technology there are innumerable things which come into the picture to make an event successful. One of the most important elements in an event experience has to be the lighting and the effects. Let us have a look at what's trending in the Visual Tech Market.

Fresnel Zoom 

Fresnel Zoom offers stunning 3200K tungsten color and boasts an incredible CRI of 95 that can be directly compared to natural sunlight and incandescent lighting, all while consuming much less energy. The fixture provides rich and accurate color rendition, natural skin tones, and can deliver brightness with ease from its 200W tungsten colored COB LED. Fresnel Zoom fixtures have motorized zoom control via DMX or through using its handy zoom in/out control buttons located on the rear panel. They can run in standalone or master/slave mode with multiple units using just 2-channels of DMX with master dimming and zoom control, or 3-channel DMX mode with master dimming, zoom, and strobe effects.

Moon Effect

Moon effect or QR-C100Z 100W White COB LED Light is also a DMX mainly considered as a Theater Light. The fixture provides 6-50°electric zoom with a projection distance reaching up to  5-50 meters. Moon effect can be controlled through multi-channel mode which makes it more flexible to use. Some of the advantages of this fixture are High CRI, with RDM, Color Temperature up to 3000K/4000K/5700K and a Smart Fan with Temperature detection. This Item uses Original Citi zen COB, combined with an optical lens, with zoom 6-50°angle, very suitable for long-distance projection in big stage show.

Dinesh Poddar, Owner, Q Lighting comments "Zoom Fresnel is DMX controlled and can be operated through a DMX console which makes it appropriate for stage use. Whereas Moon Effect has a 6 degree to 50 degrees electric zoom with a 120 watt led warm and cool white fixture. One can increase and decrease the size of the moon. All these lights are very good for drama-dance performances and any type of fashion shows."


NICK NRG 1401 is a high performance LED wash moving head. Extreme brightness, single pixel control, and 4° to 52° zoom range make this fixture perfect in a range of applications, either as a beam light with multi-color rays or as a wash light with a very wide projection. NICK NRG 1401 is suitable for medium/ big venues, and it’s the perfect solution for TV studios, delivering top-of-the-line visual effects or perfectly uniform wash lighting. NICK NRG 1401 is equipped with 23 high power OSTAR RGBW LEDs.


CORE is a powerful and compact discharge moving head. SPOT and BEAM all in one with the fastest effects ever seen. It has proven irreplaceable for the highly dynamic lighting design created for concerts. CORE is versatile all thanks to its 440 W HRI LAMP (24,000 Lumens), CORE is perfect in a range of applications, from TV studios to live concerts. It has great luminosity, combined with the wealth of internal effects and super-fast movements; also it provides the versatility of Spot and Beam projections in the same fixture.

Sahil Wadhwa, Owner, Modern Stage Service "These are one of the most powerful fixtures in the market with 3 in 1 (Beam, Spot, Wash) 'CORE' and pixel controlled LED wash 'NICK NRG 1401."


AQUA 480 BWS is IP65 moving light, designed to provide 3 features in 1. It has adopted PR patented technology, which combines advanced 480W lamp with a superb optical system, ideal for outdoor entertainment, concert, stadium, and other lighting applications.


JNR MANTIS 1915 integrated into a specially designed optical lens with awesome lumen ratio in the front. It is a breathtaking and imaginative stage performer that provides completely high performance wash effect, beam effect and visual effects.

"The Latest in lighting according to me are Aqua 480 BWS and JNR Mantis 1915 these are the best outdoor moving heads which can be used in water and are suitable for any kind of weather. These are a little bit expensive for the rental market but the experience which these lights give is worth spending every penny." says Davinder Wadhwa, Managing Director, MSS World.


Here is a list of latest equipments in lighting and effects which will add splendour to any event experience!

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