Here Are 3 Apps Which Every Event Manager Must Know About!

Industry Watch | October 1, 2018 | Feature

The Key SEES

We all know how hectic an event manager's life can be. New developments in technology are attempting to make this easier. Event App creators are coming up with newer ideas which can help make the management process smoother. Here is an insight on the 3 Apps the every event manager should know about:

Quick Moblie

Quick Mobile (QM) WOW Awards Asia's official app, is amongst the pioneering Event App Builders in the World. Having dedicated a decade plus years in building a platform that provides an intuitive UI (User Interface), a robust hosting environment, a cross-OS similar experience, an easy to use backend designed for non-Coders, and most importantly a unique dexterity to fit a cross section of Events. The QM Platform is scalable to any size, provides opportunities and Best Use Cases for Gamification, the single most important feature to ensure the success of an event App. It comes in the option of the classic 9-icon view which is making a comeback of sorts and a Slide Out view.

Customisation is integral to the QM experience; from Colour schemes to Icon Titles; No, Single or Dual level authentication; partially or fully branded; splash screens or no splash screens the list is exhaustive. QM leads Enterprise level solutions and is one of the most sought after in the market today with its Container App offering. A Corporate or Association with multiple events through the year can have its own Container App that within its shell, can host multiple events, each unique to its character, thus eliminating the need to have an App downloaded every time by the same User. It also allows an opportunity for the Entity to engage and interact with its TG even before and after the Event. QM also uniquely partners with leading EventTech Provider Companies worldwide who deliver the best QM experience, every time.

Nitin Sharma, Chief Ideator, SEES, Quick Mobile India partner says "With new client needs/expectations vis-a-vis Event apps building every day, it is difficult for any Event Planner to keep pace, no matter how hard they try. It is here that a platform as robust, technologically driven and innovation focussed as QuickMobile comes to the rescue, that also comes ready with an International Partner network, that simply takes off the Event Planner's load in understanding and fulfilling the requirement, at almost local prices!" 

The Key

'The Key', an Event Management Software promises to be the only versatile solution catering to how Events and Attendees are managed across Corporate Events, Conferences, Weddings, Social Functions, and MICE movements. The Key Solution consists of a front-end Guest App and a back-end Key Workstation. The One App, One Event structure allows each App to have its own distinct name, logo, and features. The Guest Interface app created by The Key puts the Guest first; designed to their expectations and defined by the event manager's requirements. A Guest interaction and management tool that Hosts will love. An app and backend management system we call the Workstation specifically designed for the event manager that intuitively takes the Guest's pre-event, during event and post-event experience beyond par. The Apps created via the Key are also accessible on desktops and tabs, for those that would prefer not downloading it to their mobiles.

Vijay Sabhlok, Founding Director and CEO, Key Disruptors Pvt. Ltd. says  "Technology-based experiences are soon to be the norm for Guests attending events, be it weddings, corporate events, mice tours, conferences or social events. We believe, Apps are the way ahead. Apps are in no way new, but what they offer can be. Imagine the Guest providing their RSVP, Photo IDs like passport etc, Travel Information, F&B preferences and more at the tap of a finger; and receiving all pertinent updated event information, including destination details, venue, themes, itinerary, and more, in the palm of their hands. Lead your guests and your services to exemplary experiences with The Key, made by the industry, for the industry. With the cost of manpower rising every day, it’s imperative that like all other industries, the event industry to benefits from technology’s advances and The Key offers exactly that solution. Soon features like Sponsors Info, Speakers Info, and Photo Sharing will also be a reality. We are committed to keep the solution current with timely and relative updates." 


With Hobnob's easy-to-use DIY platform, you can create a single or a multi-event mobile app. Mould it the way you want to and seamlessly translate your vision and ideas into reality! Simply select the features you want, personalize your designs and customize your menu to have your app ready in no time. Instantly preview your app before you publish it. And that is not it. It allows you to add or remove features after you publish in just a click of a button. Update your content in real-time anytime anywhere. Keep your users engaged with instant polls, conversations, quizzes, social sharing, Q&A and much more. Access overall engagement, session ratings, speaker ratings, document views all in real-time. 

Sameer Popli, Head of Product, Hobnob Technologies says "I think we stand out from the rest of the players in the market, simply because we are able to provide an enhanced and personalized customer experience. Clients that have used our interface once have not looked back and our portfolio speaks for itself - we have worked extensively with companies both in India and abroad - with the likes of HPE, Tata group, HUL, VMware, Aruba, Siemens etc. using our platform multiple times. Plus, we have taken numerous pains to ensure data security at all levels and are now ready to take our platform to the next level."


Event Apps are increasingly becoming a necessity for a well-managed affair. Here's ExM's pick of 3 Apps which will make every event managers life easier!

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