"Immersive Audio Systems are the Latest Trend." - Warren D'Souza on New Global Audio Solutions

Industry Watch | September 28, 2018 | Guest Article

Warren D'Souza SOUND.com

As event technology progresses it also enhances the overall experience of an event. Audio plays a major role in this experience and it is rapidly developing with trending audio solutions and gears. EVENTFAQS, in an exclusive chat with Warren D'Souza, reviewed some of the new global trends and tech in Audio Solutions.

Warren D'Souza is the Founder and Managing Director of SOUND.COM - a Global Tour Sound and Special Events boutique audio company. SOUND.COM have provided audio solutions to the most coveted gigs in India and abroad, a few being Justin Bieber Purpose Tour, India; Commonwealth Games 2010 Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Delhi; Ed Sheeran, Mumbai; AR Rahman Symphony Tour, India and many more. 

Commenting on the latest trends in Audio Gear he says "Immersive Audio Systems are the latest trend in live experiential audio and many artists and productions are slowly accepting this trend. Gear wise audio is always evolving and there are new products constantly being introduced in the market but if you ask me to name new gear here are some which are changing the way events are presented." 

L’Acoustics L-ISA 

Immersive audio is something which cannot be explained without the actual experience of it. It is a 3D spatial sound processor. This allows us to create a virtual environment in which we can place close-mic’d sources across a broad space to deliver it to the audience in a much richer way. The illusion of spatialisation in immersive systems is overwhelming. For some, it’s getting a little unclear about what 3D live sound is, whether it’s stage localisation, immersive or surround audio, or basically 2D solutions for re-distributing the sweet-spots or some other kind of imaging. However, it's clear that it is about using the principles of object-based audio to give sound professionals an entirely new tool to unlock the creative potential of audio.

Waves LV1 

Waves LV1 technology allows you to build your own console using computer processing and a control surface of touchscreen monitors. The sound is derived from plug-ins that emulate the sound of any piece of hardware you have worked with over time. One can just pull it up on a screen and use it by the click of a mouse or just by a mere touch. It is still nascent but it will keep evolving and growing.

DiGiCo New Quantum 7

Quantum7 is pretty interesting, so what DiGiCo have done is completely replaced the engine and included more channels up to 768 inputs and a new patent-pending technology called ‘Nodal Processing’ that will give you separate EQ and control on each Auxiliary channel for each console input which has never been done before.

Shure Axient Digital 

Shure has introduced path-breaking wireless technology with the Axient Digital Systems for starters they have condensed 4 channels in one rack unit and the receiver has a new concept called ‘Quadversity’ where you can use 4 antennas instead of two to pick up RF signals they also have introduced a dual transmitter handhelds and body packs so that you can automatically switch to another frequency if you had disturbance or interference on that line.

Warren D'Souza Founder and Managing Director of SOUND.COM gives an exclusive review on what is trending and what is the latest tech, in the Global Audio World.

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