3 AV Film Companies That Are Redefining Experiential Experiences!

Industry Watch | October 1, 2018 | Feature

Audio-visual films have been an integral part of events and activations for long now, even in terms of capturing these experiences as after-event-films. More and more companies are now breaking the boundaries and experimenting when it comes to the audio-visual element. Not just when it comes to capturing, but a whole lot of AV elements are also used for crafting experiences and elevating the experience of the event to the next level. 

EVENTFAQS explores 3 such companies that are trend-setters and have already made a mark in the AV space:

One Film Company

With over 15 years of designing experiences with eclectic and interactive digital content, the custodians at One Film Company are passionate about sculpting possibilities at the intersection of technology and innovative expression, pushing limits, and framing powerful new thoughts. Popular in the business for creating content that evokes, emotes, and is omnipresent, One Film Company strives to be the touchstone, both in delivery and work culture.

Detailing on their journey Nitin Chowdhry, Founder and Creative Head, One Film Company says, "The pace of technological upgrades is matching the exhaustive demands to do more. Content is constantly finding new expressions, going not only further, but deeper. In the last two years, we have taken big and successful leaps along with our partner event companies. Our collabourations are taking the shape of large, ambitious installations Internationally, which will set new standards globally. We've also had enormous breakthroughs on exciting new areas with government and corporate sectors."

"Central to replicating a successful model, is a team that can respond to the challenges and demands of this revolution with great passion and even greater abilities. Our team's experience, energy, intent and, most of all, chutzpah has been our greatest asset."- he adds. 


Founded back in 2011, EKA INC. is a strategically driven creative agency based in UAE and India. Staying true to the motto of "Do what you love and love what you do”, the company strives to give life to unique concepts created and manifested into a surreal audio-visual experience. The brand captures and crafts unforgettable stories through exceptional cinematic films and creative content. The strength is using minimal crew to maximum effect. Additionally, EKA INC. ensures all services meet International Quality Standards.

The company's client base includes working for a vast range of clients on filming large large-scales of different types - Corporate Conferences to Sports, Opening Ceremonies, Brand Campaign Films, Live Action Events ans Music Fests. Some of the clients are - Standard Chartered - Shanghai, Vietnam, Dubai & Seoul; IKEA - Dubai and Doha; Dubai Sports Council; Ministry of Presidential Affairs UAE; Indian Premier League; Xiaomi; BAtes Pan Gulf UAE; Film Heritage Foundation in India.

Elaborating on the one unique aspect that sets them apart, Shrishail Hiremath - CEO & Film Director quotes, "The power of a story can emote a range of feelings – from inspired to jovial to pensive to motivated. And nothing is more impactful than a visual and audio portrayal that’ll capture viewers. We are 'Storytellers' and like any other, we always look for that one special element that perks up the audience… says something a little different beyond the usual."  

Cyber Illusions

The brand's story begins in 2011; in a small but, beautiful island called Sri Lanka. Driven by the idea of integrating design and technology; it was through learning and self-study of creating experiences for a live audience that took Cyber Illusions beyond the conventional screen format. Shifting gears the company boldly ventured into experimenting with the art of projection mapping. Within the first year, Cyber Illusions was able to build and execute many projection shows on architectural heritage sites in Sri Lanka. All this was done with limited technical resources but unlimited passion. Today, the team applies innovative thinking and state of the art techniques to merge video, light, sound, interactivity and scenic design to deliver extraordinary experiences. 

The company's primary focus is to service producers of events and experiences. In Sri Lanka, Cyber Illusions has partnered with the leading Event Producers who work with the top Local Corporates. The brand has also expanded partnerships to India, Oman and Dubai. 

Talking about the growth, Lalindra Amarasekara, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cyber Illusions said, "We believe in bringing ideas to life. Therefore, we never restrict our selves to a specific technical medium. We consider our canvas to be the physical environment and the tools to be multidimensional. We strive to make the technology invisible and the experience magical. We are dedicated to find and deliver this perfect harmony with everything we do."


Take a look at how modern film companies are creating not videos, but immersive experiences.

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