Plush Events and Weddings Designs and Executes An Owl-themed Birthday Party

Weddings | September 25, 2018 | News

Plush Events and Weddings

Creating images from the client’s most exciting thoughts is what Plush does. The task is fun and inspiring to accomplish and the end results turn the extraordinary images into beautiful memories.

An ‘Owl Themed’ for a first birthday party was a trendsetter. Plush went out of its way and did away with the traditional cartoon characters, ponies and angels. To everyone’s surprise the event was totally picturesque.

The round tables decorated with unique owls made with pine cones which were handpicked from Mukteshwar. The ferns and dry twigs placed complimenting the centerpieces on the table added to the rustic garden feel of the evening.

Plush went an extra mile by working with the popular trend of DIYs, by using fine pieces gathered straight from the beautiful landscape of nature. Every detail of the decor was carefully directed and created by the hands at work from Plush’s team.

The highlight of every birthday party is the dessert display. The beautifully decorated table, and each and every item on it was as the client wanted.

The table of joy was filled with delicious cupcakes on Ferris wheel, bon bon and profiteroles, cake shots, variety of donuts, cookies, chocolate lollipops and the showstopper was ‘Three Tier Cake’.

The event was charmed by the laughter of the toddlers when they found out that the dessert table was not the only attraction for their evening but the party had attractions like mini golf, hit the hammer, flavoured candy floss and popcorn.

The party was such a unique one in every aspect that not only the young ones but the elders also admired the efforts and creative minds of Plush.

The first birthday party had a unique theme and trendsetting décor.

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