Adidas Brings Pureboost GO Run to the Bay; Curated By Toast Events

Marketing | September 24, 2018 | News

Toast Events Adidas

Adidas showcased Pureboost in its truest form by giving influencers a first-hand experience of using the Pureboost Go shoes on the streets of Mumbai. Adidas Pureboost Go shoes are designed for high-speed workouts, city streets running as they adapt to the shape of the wearer’s foot. The shoe features a wider forefoot platform for toe splay and stability, making it adaptable in the busy city streets through traffic and various sudden turns. Toast Events won the mandate to curate the event.

Prior to the event, each influencer was hand-delivered a customised Adidas Pureboost Go running kit, which had everything they needed for the run but there was only one shoe, the second shoe was handed over at the event. 

Police Gymkhana was set up as the holding area and 4.45AM onwards participants registered themselves, got their second shoe and the event started with a few briefing details on the shoes, the geo-caching technology, advantages to look out for during the run and finally a unique warm-up at Marine Drive promenade that created opportunities for some exquisite pictures.

The route was planned in South Mumbai among some of the most iconic buildings through hidden paths and forgotten lanes which started from Police Gymkhana for about 8kms till Bayview café, Colaba. The shoes are built for amateur runners so we had to make sure all participants would be able to run 8kms and have fun while doing so. Toast events took it one step further and tied in the geo-caching technology which got the runners to participate in various activities, challenges to earn points and also took them from one point to the other using a Garmin GPS device. The group was divided into 5 teams with a leader, a navigator as roles to lead their individual groups and crack various clues, face challenges - making the whole run exciting and competitive.

Speaking for Toast events, Maruschka Fernandes, Head-Client servicing “After years on working with/for a brand(s), I had the opportunity to personally execute this event for Adidas and had the best time doing so. This event was different in many ways while it was a run, but not only a run – the mandate was to showcase the shoe through multiple surfaces + city/street running + absorb new/old things about Mumbai city + all in all, not a serious but exciting run, and that is how we came up with using the geo-caching technology. There were many challenges the brand faced as they were very new to doing something like this but in the end, it was a fabulous experience for everyone involved”

Yasin Shaikh, Operations-Manager, Toast event said “A run on South Mumbai streets today is a no-go but with a solid backing from the team at Adidas to plan in advance, we managed to follow all the right channels and get all the necessary permissions to ensure everyone participating has a seamless run. In addition, being an early morning event, a heavy rain night, with multiple setups - we managed to put together a flawless event.”

Shashank Mantri, Designer, Toast events said “Bringing out the raw, grunge street imagery was the inspiration given to us. Every element we designed was consciously thought of and made to resonate the theme. We strategically also placed the brand communication on collateral that was used by the influencers to create content”

Toast events curate the Adidas Pureboost GO run in Mumbai

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