Reebok In Partnership with Cult.Fit Aims to Spread Fitness Enthusiasm through 'Reebok UnRest'

Marketing | September 18, 2018 | Feature

After taking the city of Mumbai by storm with its first edition, Reebok UnREST was back to stir up a fitness revolution, this time in Bengaluru. Powered by, the brand called upon the city’s active fitness enthusiasts to participate in ‘Reebok UnREST’ that hosted a range of exciting sessions including Crossfit, Boxing, Dance Fitness, Animal Flow, Strength and Conditioning and many more fun fitness challenges. EVENTFAQS went into the depth of this fitness extravaganza to know more about the branding strategy applied to make this event a hit.

The aim behind 'Fitness Fest' was to give consumers a taste of new age fitness forms and institutions like CrossFit, MMA-UFC etc. in a world class environment. Reebok, being the only authentic fitness brand in the world, it was not that difficult to get the audience's attention. The main challenge was how to project the Fest in a way that it attracts more and more people to participate in it. 

The main focus area for promotion was through the digital medium. Reebok partnered with to reach out to relevant fitness enthusiasts in the city and also with credible trainer network to drive the authentic word of mouth.

Ensuring an exhilarating workout, the festival witnessed a high-intensity CrossFit Challenge with famed CrossFit coach - Shivoham. The power-packed fitness dance session by Shwetambari Shetty, strength and conditioning workshop by Cult trainer Rishabh Telang, followed by a Boxing session by Cult trainer Kamal Mujtaba & Fun Zumba session by the ZIN team. Adding to this the popular fitness duo Shweta Devraj and Devrath Vijay conducted a special animal flow workshop for the attendees. Taking the tempo higher, participants got a chance to engage in a new age fitness discipline, Parkour powered by Chaos Faktory - one of India’s finest parkour communities.

A culmination of this power-packed day was done by a live fight night powered by Crosstrain Fight Club, which saw 8 amateur and 1 Professional bout, mentored by Sidharth Singh. The fight night showcased some of best amateur and professional fighters of the country. A show of grit, strength and well-honed technique, these fights were a spectacle.

Over 1000 fitness enthusiasts emerged from various parts of the city as well as various other states to witness one of the biggest fitness workshops and get inspired by these celebrity trainers. 

6 hours of sheer fun and fitness which was divided into various zones – Crossfit, Zumba, Parkour, Trampoline jumps, Handstand, gave a fitness-friendly Saturday to all age of participants. Anchor Aman Sharma along with the trainers engaged the audience and interacted with them to make it a fun and lively experience. 

The setup took over 2 days onsite, Dreamfactory was the one responsible for the productions, Reynolds for Sound and Technicals. Through the fitness fest, Reebok India again established a platform to inspire, encourage and motivate FitGen to tap their limitless potential.

Ajay Vadhvani Solutions, known for its Out of the Box thinking and conceptualisation capabilities, flawlessly managed and executed the show in untiring 24 hours. Commenting on the event Ajay Vadhvani says, "It was a challenging experience for the team working behind the scenes which was appreciated by all the trainers and Reebok India team. AVS India thanks Reebok India, it partners & the trainers for the opportunity to work for this unique initiative for a yet another successful show." 

Reebok UnRest managed by AVS create a stir this time in Bengaluru, here's a exculsive look at the branding strategy behind it.

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