Wizzes Singing the Anthem

Wizcraft Releases their New Anthem Encapsulating the Spirit of the Organization

Industry Watch | September 14, 2018 | News


Wizcraft, India’s leading Communication and Entertainment giant has just released their company anthem encapsulating their 30 year phenomenal and pioneering journey. Composed and arranged by Zubin Balaporia, vocals by Marianne D’cruz Aiman, Siddharth Basur & Rajiv Sundaresan and lyrics, content & production by Wizcraft’s very own Maya Sami, the anthem brings alive Wizcraft’s history or as they like to they call it, their Wiztory.

Wizcraft has travelled the world over leaving its indelible mark all over. The anthem speaks about how its employees, who are fondly called Wizzes, are champions in their own right and carry the spirit, ‘Once a Wiz, always a Wiz’ in their everyday transformational journey. The anthem is a tribute to Wizcraft and celebrates the company for what it has done, not only for the industry but for each and every individual Wiz as well.

“Right from the get-go, Wizcraft has been instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India. This anthem celebrates not only our tremendous journey but also all the emotions that have gone into shaping Wizcraft”. - Sabbas Joseph, Co-Founder & Director, Wizcraft

““This anthem is a continuation of us celebrating 30 years in the business this year. It’s to showcase to the world the magic, fun and creativity of Wizzes coming together and the true spirit of our company.”- Andre Timmins, Co-Founder & Director, Wizcraft

“Very often we get asked, “What is this Wiz that you have before all your names?” Well, now with the launch of our anthem everyone will have an answer to that, as it perfectly encapsulates what makes a Wiz so special and distinct. ” - Viraf Sarkari, Co-Founder & Director, Wizcraft

The anthem is composed and arranged by Zubin Balaporia with vocals by Marianne D’cruz Aiman, Siddharth Basur & Rajiv Sundaresan.

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