Mehrangarh Fort, Rajasthan To Play Host to Jodhpur RIFF Music Festival This October

Entertainment | September 12, 2018 | News

For a truly remarkable 11th year in a row, the city of Jodhpur and the Mehrangarh Fort will play host to Jodhpur RIFF from 24-28th October, under the brightest full moon of the year amidst soul-stirring music and earthy charms of groovy performances from Rajasthan and around the world. The line-up boasts of names like: Mohini Devi, Legendary Langa Musicians, Wouter Kellerman Band, Makan Ashgvari, Ana Pinhal, Alif, Tanxugueiras, Jose Marquez, Sawan Khan, Gene Peterson, Zanmari Bare, Bush Gothic, and more.

Lauded for the sheer variety of soundscapes in some of the most breath-taking spaces that one has seen, Jodhpur RIFF is an international forum where root music repertoires from near and far are brought to the fore. Over two-hundred Rajasthani musicians and more than a hundred other artists participate in the festival each year.

Announcing the Jodhpur RIFF 2018 edition, Patron of the festival HH Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Marwar-Jodhpur said: “It is heartening to note that Jodhpur RIFF is one of the more respected music festivals in the country. It gives us great joy to have created a modern festival where traditional Rajasthani artists feel at home and their music is showcased and explored and given the space to grow and expand beyond musical and physical boundaries of language and nationality.” 


A glimpse of rare musical forms and Rajasthani folk instruments, facilitated interactions with folk experts, rubbing shoulders with the legendary masters of the folk traditions and top-notch international musicians - the Jodhpur RIFF experience is unparalleled when it comes to giving the audience a taste of global sounds through carefully facilitated collaborations and a unique program mix… effortless ssynergies leadingus into a delightful musical realm.

Festival Director, Divya Bhatia said: “We have an exciting array of world musical traditions at RIFF this year. Music knows no boundaries and at Jodhpur RIFF we have an opportunity to see just how true that is. Our work has given rise to collaborations not just between Rajasthani artistes and international ones, but between Rajasthani artists themselves. Our training camps will bring forth younger artistes who are learning their traditions and stepping forward to try new paths, new ways of making music and new ways of learning. And more festivals in India are now presenting Rajasthani artists in their programs; it is both exciting and humbling to acknowledge that Jodhpur RIFF continues to pioneer and contribute so dramatically to their presence on the music scene.”

Jodhpur RIFF presents curated glimpses of the extensive repertoire of folk music through a set of focussed musical sessions, programmed for different age and interest groups, such as:

●        Dawn Concerts: where music lovers can experience soulful root-music performances as the sun rises over the pristine marble and rock monument that is Jaswant Thada.

●        In Residence: a space where visitors to RIFF have a rare opportunity to meet fascinating artistes from little-known traditions and chat about various folk instruments, art forms and communities of Rajasthan through their performances, demonstrations and facilitated interactions.

●        Living Legends : a chance to savour deeply nuanced and intricate performances by legends of Rajasthani music against the background of the setting sun.

●        Desert Lounge at Rao Jodha Park: a midnight folk variety concert, all acoustic and simply moonlit, that goes on till the wee hours of the morning.

●        The RIFF Rustle: an impromptu collaboration of artists performing at the penultimate concert every year. The festival appoints an artiste as the 'rustler', who rustles up musicians from the festival to participate in this crescendo of the festival... in pairs, quartets, or all together.

●        The Main Stage: where the best Rajasthani and international artists are seen and heard.

●        Club Mehran: foot-stomping and hip-shaking to global grooves - a dance experience to be savoured!

For a truly remarkable 11th year in a row, the city of Jodhpur and the Mehrangarh Fort will play host to Jodhpur RIFF from 24-28th October, under the brightest full moon of the year

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