Taking Wedniksha to New Heights with Celebrity Weddings – In conversation with Bhavnesh Sawhney

Weddings | September 11, 2018 | Interview


Planning and executing high-profile weddings of Sonam Kapoor with Anand Ahuja and Poorna Patel with Namit Soni in Mumbai, Bhavnesh Sawhney speaks on climbing the ladder and becoming the top choice for elite weddings. In this conversation, he explains what it takes to conceptualise and plan weddings for the HNI category. Read the excerpts below -

You recently planned two high profile Bollywood weddings of Sonam Kapoor and Poorna Patel in Mumbai. How did you go about with the conceptualisation of both the weddings and planning as the two were just a month apart? 

When it comes to wedding planning, we ensure we have our timelines in place. Wedniksha has always believed in crafting moments to cherish for a lifetime and is quite experienced when it comes to handling high profile weddings. We are truly delighted to be the wedding planners for Sonam and Poorna Patel. Both the weddings had their own essences and briefs which were detailed in every aspect of the ceremonies. For both the weddings, we had a team of experts who took care of minute aspects, ranging from hospitality to entertainment to security, to anything they may want or need at any given point of time and ensured there was enough time dedicated to planning and executing to ensure seamlessness. So even if there was only a gap of a month between the two, it hardly, mattered.

What are the challenges a wedding planning company like Wedniksha comes across and how do you manage to leave no stone unturned no matter the location? 

Wedniksha has planned dream weddings across various destinations such as Malta, Barcelona, Turkey, South Africa and Dubai as well as various exotic locations in India like Udaipur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Goa, Pune and Mumbai amongst others.

We have earned a trustworthy name and a good reputation over the years and our name is considered when a high profile wedding is being planned.

We have a team of experts who do a complete Reece once the location is decided for the wedding. While internationally one has to ensure he abides the rules and regulations in terms of safety, travel, hospitality in India one normally faces challenges on the procurement of exquisite products and delicacies from various parts of the world to reach locations difficult to travel to.

The team has been working in the field of weddings for a considerable time and has the expertise to handle it all. Infact, overcoming these challenges has today made us one of the leading Planners for Destination wedding across the world.

For Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding, the venue was her aunt's residence. How difficult was it to transform a home into a venue for a dreamy Anand Karaj ceremony?

When we went to look at the venue, we found it perfect for an intimate wedding with family and friends. We just had to ensure the house was made into a party zone for all the guests while they enjoy the various ceremonies with the bride and groom.

So we had singers and DJs to make everyone groove to the music and also ensure the logistics for everyone was made smooth to avoid any confusion.

Planning a celebrity wedding isn't easy, taking into consideration the amount of confidentiality needed to be maintained. How do you keep a check on the inside details aren't being leaked through social media?

Sonam and Anand's wedding was one of the biggest celebrity weddings we have witnessed, and so it definitely attracted hundreds of fans and media.

We are truly pleased to have a team which has been trained to handle these situations and we appreciate the family for having their trust in us for executing it.

Our team was especially briefed to keep things simplistic and serene. While media did wait for the beautiful couple at both the weddings outside, some of the guests expressed their moments through pictures that flooded on Social Media.

Irrespective, both the weddings were spectacular and maintained the warmth and hospitality leaving a sweet taste to remember


Bhavnesh Sawhney speaks about how tricky it is to plan and conceptualise celebrity weddings.

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