The Rise & Rise of Isha Films - In Conversation with Founder Sumit Nagar

Industry Watch | September 5, 2018 | News

Sumit Nagar’s Isha Films is a Delhi based photography and cinematography company that does Wedding Photography, Candid Wedding Photography, Pre-Wedding Photography, Underwater Wedding Photography, Wedding Cinematography, Pre-Wedding Shoot Moments, Lip-Dub Video, and E-Invites Wedding Video.

We spoke with him to know more about his firm and his future endeavours in the photography and cinematography realm and below is a gist of the conversation.

Being founded in 2002, Isha Films has worked on several projects, how has your journey been so far?

We started to cater to the wedding photography industry in 2002 and since then it has been an interesting and exciting journey. Interesting in sense, that you get the chance to meet young couples, who define love in their own way and exciting because the families of those couples give us a chance to be a part of their celebration. And that motivates us to do something different every time. From then till now, many things have changed in and out in this industry but we have kept ourselves alert and updated. In respect of technologies and ideas and latest products, to provide our customer the best of everything. And yes, we have not been untouched with bad lucks or mistakes which showed us some bad days also, but we have learned from them and kept going by keeping the good days close to our hearts and we have grown in many different ways since then.

Which was your most challenging project?

Well, I remember we did a destination wedding in 2011 and back then the concept of a destination wedding was not very familiar or popular. We were hired as a common photographer by the groom and the bride. This resulted in a lot of travelling because the groom was from Udaipur and the bride was from West Bengal and we are from Delhi! It was a 10 days event, so that became a challenge to arrange everything from the travel of the team, carrying all equipment and to cover all the ceremonies properly. And it was topped with a pre-wedding shoot, which was planned to be done in Srinagar. But having a skilled team of cinematographers, photographers and editors helps to manage the hurdles involved. And all the outcome was highly appreciated by the client.

What are the ways in which Isha Films is the best to consider not only for weddings but also for corporate events?

We have recently started working with event companies and cover corporate events. Which has led us to think in quite a different manner and gave us a different perspective to see and capture things. We have our own in-house production team which has young and passionate members who give their 100% to understand the need of a corporate company or event. And since all from planning, execution till the final delivery, happens under one roof, we are able to make quick outcomes which is very important in the event industry. Time is of an essence when it comes to corporate events and we promise to respect that. Also, when it comes to corporate events, you really get to a chance to make something out of it and be creative.

What do you think about the future of wedding photography?

Oh! To think or to predict the future of wedding photography is very difficult. In my journey, I have seen so many changes in the thinking and styles which just makes the future of this industry very unpredictable. But I think it is surely bright and filled with all the possibilities where we can work freely and without any boundaries. All I can say is that I share the same love, passion and commitment for my work as a new couple has between them when they get married. And as long as we are able to continue with this same love and passion and have our goals and priorities set for the future, I think we are ready for whatever the future brings to us!

Which wedding planners have you worked with in the past?

  1. Rituraj Khanna, Q Events
  2. Chaitanya Boobna, FNP UAE
  3. Bobby Yash Events
  4. Rajeev Jain, Rashi Entertainment
  5. Anil Bohra, Perfexion Events
  6. Sachin Gupta, Celebration Events
  7. Jeetu, JK Events
  8. Brijesh, Wonder Events


Sumit Nagar started Isha Films in 2002 and since has put together memories for many weddings and events.

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