Dell Launches Dell Cinema Range Through Augmented Reality Experience Created By STIR

Marketing | August 31, 2018 | News

Stir Dell India

Dell Launched its new range of Cinema Laptops through an Augmented Reality Campaign executed by STIR on June 23 and 24 at Orion Mall, Bengaluru. Dell wanted to launch its Cinema range of laptops in a way that it brought to life, the experience and all the features of the system. To give this launch a larger-than-life impact, STIR decided to create an AR experience that will position the audience at the centre of all activities and Dell products, as the technology needed to power this cinematic experience and bring it to life.

They leveraged the release of Jurassic Park, to bring back dinosaurs to life in the AR experience as it would juxtapose the cinematic experience at the cinema and the Dell Cinema experience to all those who would be at the event. From narrowing down the right dinosaurs, animating them and programming them to interact in real-time with the audience to make them feel and have an overall experience of the new Dell Technology that promises enhanced sound, colour and streaming capabilities. Bringing all those elements in an AR experience by bringing back the extinct dinosaurs to life, in a record setup time and in the midst of busy Orion mall atmosphere was a challenge 

Along with the retail campaign, to promote Dell Cinema as a sole property and to bring in the various features, capabilities of this premium-range to the fore and launch it in a grand way, They were asked to conceptualize an experiential activation to spread the word and build awareness of the product and the next big technology for the streaming generation. 


Studying the amount of footfall in the various prime locations in Bengaluru, STIR narrowed down to Orion Mall at Yeshvantpur, as it is one of the premium integrated malls in the city with also one of the best cinemas. This not only ensures maximum audience but also the possibility of the event being the talk for the coming months and go viral on social media platforms. While crafting the animations- starting from scratch by narrowing down the necessary dinosaurs to animating them and programming to respond and interact in real-time based on the movement of people, it was quite a Herculean task that took of over several day and nights without any hassles, effortlessly. Including 18 hours of non-stop set up at Orion, starting as early as six in the morning, with 50+ workers working to make the experience happen. Troubleshooting at every level, making technical changes to perfect it, till the final event happened and after handling a massive crowd of 6500+, all along the experience of AR, the products and generating form filling for prospective sales. The event was new level of high for Dell and Dell Cinema, that with one experiential event, Team STIR was able to make the whole city aware of the new technology of Dell by putting in the middle of all that’s right and good about the product that’d make you go and get one, immediately. 

Lokesh Upadhya, Head Operations, STIR  says,"From handling an average footfall of over 3,000 people to safeguarding props and the event area during intermittent rainfall and yet ensuring a smooth flow of the event experience for those in attendance, the Dell AR event tested our mettle on several fronts. Unlike other events, we had gone in with a predefined mandate of generating a database of over new leads a task that wasn't easy, to say the least, especially with weather conditions working against us. However, the spontaneity of the team helped us overhaul the event flow in keeping with ever-changing conditions and ensured we achieved our target without any compromises made." 

Sreenivasan Shanmugam, Jr. Account Manager, STIR comments, "The primary objective was to capture the event as a video that could be disseminated on social media, consequently helping build a new and larger customer base for the product. On a given day, this isn't a big task. However, heavy rainfall became a big roadblock, especially since the shoot was outdoor. Despite this, we spontaneously altered our shoot plans, shuffling the crew around to ensure we got the desired shots without compromising on the quality. Needless to say, this task was executed even as we managed other key roles including crowd management, database generation, and more."


STIR, an integrated communications agency, executed the AR launch for Dell's Cinema Range Laptops.

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