MICE is a Young Market That Will Experience Enormous Growth: Gebert Janssen, The real MICE Book

Industry Watch | August 30, 2018 | Interview

With more than 20 years of experience in the MICE industry and 10 years as a lecturer, Gebert Janssen decided to write a book about the MICE industry called 'The real MICE Book'. As the title portrays, the book not only covers all the exciting facets of the MICE industry but is also a great foundation for anyone looking to work in this industry.

In his recent visit to India at the WOW Awards Asia 2018, Gebert showcased his book to over 1800 event professionals who attended the convention and received unanimous appreciation for its content and relevance in the Indian market. In an exclusive conversation with Gebert, we at EVENTFAQS take a deeper look at 'The real MICE Book' and what makes it a must-have for every MICE professional.

What makes your book about MICE and event organisations so unique?

As a teacher of MICE at a University of applied sciences in the Netherlands, I am also one of many teachers who is motivating and preparing a new generation to work within this field. It is important to have sufficient and good teaching material to work with. In all the years that I am teaching MICE, I and many colleagues have been searching for up to date teaching materials, which exists, but usually, there is a focus on different specialisations.

What we needed was a book describing the basic knowledge for the MICE professional. It is precisely this basic knowledge that is often lacking to be able to properly understand what is possible and what is impossible within this industry. As far as we know, it is the only basic MICE book at this moment. That is why I called it “the real MICE book”.

The real MICE book is written in English and published in Europe - do you think it is also relevant for Indian students and event organisers?

The book was published for the first time in January this year 2018. In only 6 months time the book is already sold in more than 25 countries. At this moment the book is translated into Chinese and this will be published in October this year. Spanish and Arabic translations are planned for next year, which shows that there is a huge need for a book with all the knowledge of the MICE industry.

If we look at the MICE industry in common, we can see that this is becoming an important part of the tourism industry as well. India is an upcoming country where the tourism industry will further grow and mature in the next years. The business tourism (MICE) will be a very important part. To serve all those (business) tourists, knowledge is indispensable. Good education with the right material is necessary.  

You spoke to quite a few Indian MICE organisers during recent presence at EPEX and WOW in Delhi. What was their feedback on the book?

Almost all the organisers agreed that a book like ‘the real MICEbook‘ is very useful. The book has almost 500 pages, which makes it difficult to read in a short time. Most organisers looked to the table of contents and were surprised that no topic was missing. In fact, they saw topics they had not thought of themselves to be part of the subject.

You are also providing free material for teachers on your website, why do you do that?

There is a website with a special login for teachers who want to use the book. As a teacher, I know that it is a lot of work to prepare lessons from a book. The website contains useful powerpoints with alternating methods to stimulate the students. In this way, the theory is interspersed with active working methods and short films. There are also documents on the website that can be useful for support.

The free material is meant as a service to the teachers who have chosen the book as standard teaching materials. To make their lives a little bit easier.

With the Indian MICE market getting so international, do you think the book can give directions to globally accepted best practices?

The MICE market is a young market and the expectation is that this market will experience enormous growth. An enormous growth is to be expected, particularly in countries outside Europe. The book is also based on this idea and also uses many international examples and guidelines. It is written with this international setting in mind.

In an exclusive conversation with Gebert, we at EVENTFAQS take a deeper look at 'The real MICE Book' and what makes it a must have for every MICE professional.

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