Indonesian Ministry of Tourism on a Sales Mission in Indian Tourism Market

Marketing | August 23, 2018 | News

Jakarta –The Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia (MoTRI) is actively promoting Indonesia in the Indian tourism market through a Sales Mission (Tourism roadshow) in India starting from August 14, 2018, in Mumbai and will continue in different cities.  The event is aimed at increasing more transaction of tour packages between the Indonesian and Indian tourism Industry through B2B  meetings.

Furthermore, Badung, a region with the maximum tourism activities in Bali, also held sales mission in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia in the cities of Chandigarh on August 20, Jaipur on August 22, Lucknow on August 23 and Kolkata on August 24, 2018. “These activities are meant to convey the importance we place on the Indian market,” said Sigit Witjaksono, Director of Promotion for South and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Ministry of the Tourism Republic of Indonesia.

The Indian market bound for Indonesia has been skyrocketing in the last couple of years. In term of visitors, the number of Indian visits is increasing year after year. From January to July 2018 there were more than 340,000 Indian visitors to Indonesia as compared to the same period in 2017.

This huge growth, however, leaves more to be desired. “We are not satisfied by merely good organic growth, we need to challenge ourselves and raise the bar,” remarked Nia Niscaya the Deputy Minister of Tourism Marketing, Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. “For 2018, the Minister has set 700,000 visits as the target for the Indian market and that’s a huge 40% target increase from 2017’s,” adds Mrs. Niscaya.

To answer this challenge, the Ministry is taking additional steps in order to ensure the target can be attained by the end of 2018. An effective way is to conduct joint promotion activities with big names in the tourism industry. For India, the MoTRI will start this joint promotion with big names in the Indian tourism business and one of them is MakeMyTrip. As one of the largest travel portals of India, MakeMyTrip has been approached by the MoTRI to help increase footprints to Indonesia through advertisements and a larger bouquet of travel products. Both parties have agreed to collaborate by signing an agreement scheduled which took place in New Delhi on August 16, 2018. This cooperation is expected to bring about 120,000 additional Indian visits.

Jakarta –The Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia (MoTRI) promotes Indonesia in Indian markets through a sales mission.

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