Muse Inc. Produces 5 booths at the Indian Pavilion of Expo Riva Schuh, Italy

Business Events | August 16, 2018 | News

Muse Inc.

With the ambition to spread its wings across the globe, Muse Inc. designed and executed 5 showcases at the Expo Riva Schuh in Garda, Italy which took place from June 16-19, 2018. The 5 booths, as part of the India Pavilion at the show, were for LeMak Exports, AliveExports, Safrec, AV Designs and Bullboxer Exports. Expo Riva Shuh, is an international exhibition for volume production footwear at mid-range price points.

The client briefs in each of the shows were very crisp, they were told to make sure their footwear products were presented in the best way possible. The challenge was to ensure each exhibit had its unique theme and idea along with each shoe being given an exclusivity on display. With over 1000 varieties of shoes and designs to showcase, Muse made it a mission to create a great showcase at Expo Riva, especially in the India Pavilion as a matter of pride. 

The exhibits at Expo Riva Schuh had one commonality, which was their color scheme, as the brands associated wanted White as their hero color and Muse designers ensured that each one turned out different by incorporating brand colors and gradients with the base of white texture. Along with the production that primarily included a lot of shelf showcases, Muse ensured that each shelf and wall was coated with premium gloss melamine adding a distinct shine to the exhibit and ensuring the shoes stood out with customised lighting to each shoe in each of the exhibits.

Talking about his brand's showcase Biran Barrasa, CEO – Alive Exports said, “Initially, we were a little unsure about how we wanted to create these exhibits and what would be the perfect way to showcase our shoes and attract our buyers. That is when Muse and the brilliant team stepped in and took over. We were excited about the concept they created along with the launch of the collection and the brand showcase. They were given the end-to-end mandate from the word go and they executed each element with utmost perfection.”

Kushal Dodwani of LeMak Exports said, “We had the biggest booth at the Indian pavilion and we were initially very skeptical about how to present our shoes and stand out as part of the Indian contingent. Aman and his team at Muse, so efficiently made sure each showcase was presented well, with the perfect lighting, materials, and placement. The smoothness of the work was such we hardly coordinated over the phone and Aman’s team knew exactly what we wanted, so when we reached there, it was all ready and perfect for us to take over. Aman’s team even made sure that the booth was constantly looked after to the tee until the end of the show while coordinating the other exhibits efficiently as well.”

Talking about crossing boundaries, Aman Varma, Founder & CEO - Muse said, “With Muse, we have always tried to push the envelope as far as production and reach is concerned. Our mission is to take Muse across the world and create exhibits that shine a bright light on the Indian flag. This summer was extremely special as we designed and produced booths for multiple international exhibitions including the prestigious Eurosatory, Farnborough, ExpoRivaSchuh, Shot Show, to name a few. In the months to come, we will also be creating exhibits for ADAS-Philliphines, AAD-South Africa, CPHI Madrid and Euronaval-Paris, and we hope we can keep the momentum and strength our hold on world markets. Muse has always been about the experience and we will continue to deliver these customised experiences to our client family irrespective of the country they want to showcase at”

Expo Riva Schuh in Garda, Italy, is an international exhibition for volume production footwear at mid-range price points.

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