The VIP Studio Creates Yet Another Masterpiece with a Wedding Photoshoot at Neemrana

Weddings | August 13, 2018 | News

No one story can capture the love of a bride and groom but, The VIP Studio splendidly captured Gurtej and Soniya’s.

The couple wanted something different for their pre-wedding shoot as Gurtej explains: “We don’t get many Indian heritage buildings in London. So, we asked VIP to take us somewhere we could explore our Sikh heritage and almost go back in time and try and bridge the gap of being Indian but English at the same time and they got it spot on!”

Neemrana is a medieval town nestled away in the bylanes of Rajasthan. The fort is a 14th-century palace once owned by the descendants of Prithvi Raj Chauhan the 3rd and was bought by the Neemrana group in the 80’s.

“Neemrana as a town is magical, the people are memorable and the fort is unforgettable. You almost step back in time at this place, it’s simple yet intricate, its vintage yet chic, its old but new all at the same time; it was the perfect place for us to give Soniya and Gurtej what they wanted. This is the second time we have shot here and it just gets better each time”, said Rahul from VIP.

“The storyboard was rather typical by way of Indian standards with regards to the Maharaja and Maharani concept, but as ironic as it may sound it’s not so typical in London even though we have a Royal family! We wanted to give Soniya and Gurtej the backdrop of a historical couple with the added flair of a modern one so everything from the clothing to the asymmetrical shots, the hair and makeup, every little detail was looked at very carefully and then put into place. This is a once in a lifetime moment for the couple so we wanted to make it as perfect as we could”, said Iq. from VIP.

“All in all, it is a fantastic video and the photos are amazing, we can’t stop showing them off!” Soniya.

We will definitely be recommending this royal playground as a must see to all our brides and grooms wanting to “go back in time”, said the VIP team.

The VIP Studio chose Neemrana as the perfect venue for this royal British Indian wedding.

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