With Balle Balle We Are on a Winning Foot: Viraf Sarkari - Director, Wizcraft International

Entertainment | August 8, 2018 | Interview

Viraf Sarkari

After a glorious run in Mumbai with over 100 shows, Balle Balle – the opulent Indian Wedding Musical theatrical show by Wizcraft International is all set to woo audiences in Delhi NCR.  The theatrical would be staged at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon starting August 11th, 2018.

In an exclusive interaction with EVENTFAQS Viraf Sarkari - Director and Co-founder of Wizcraft International Entertainment takes us behind the scenes of this mammoth theatrical extravaganza and spills the beans on what went in its making.

1- How was the idea to create a Bollywood themed Broadway Musical conceptualized and how was the idea actioned?

The idea for us was to create something which showcases the Indian culture through a wedding. We had an interesting script and post that we went full throttle and hired actors, dancers, cast and crew who were all passionate about this production.

The practice sessions had an amazing energy because everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy enacting their part and gave in their one hundred percent or more. It took six months of rigorous training and planning to put together Balle Balle.

2- Theatre as a medium of entertainment in India still remains on the back burner while new age mediums like OTT Platforms have taken precedence. Where does Balle Balle stand in this scenario?

Unlike other mediums of entertainment like film, tv & digital, theatre is an art form that is performed live on stage. When you shoot the other mediums, you have the option of retakes whereas in theatre you don’t have that option. You must perform it all in a single take and this why there is huge audience who loves theatre shows. We have changed the face of conventional theatre with our first musical production Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams as we introduced in India the concept of spectacular theatre by adding high value production. Post Zangoora we have produced Jhumroo & Jaan E Jigar. Balle balle is designed as a touring show. We are going to tour the world with Balle Balle.

3- What's the most refreshing part about Balle Balle and what makes its debut in NCR so promising?

Balle Balle is a hilarious, heartfelt comedy that revolves around the chaos of love, arranged marriages and weddings. Bursting with colour, invention and spectacle, Balle Balle fits between comic zip and dramatic grit. Kingdom of Dreams is an ideal arena for hosting one of the biggest and craziest wedding musical. Moving to Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram, was a strategic decision as 'Balle Balle' is designed to be a touring show. The idea is to have audiences across India and the world to experience the magic of 'Balle Balle'.

4- How challenging has it been to create an entertainer like this and what differentiates it from other big musicals like Aladdin or Mughal-e-Azam that the audiences have seen earlier this year?

Balle Balle is a commercial Bollywood blockbuster musical production. It is a magnificent play and bringing together various elements has been an uphill task. However, now that Balle Balle is on stage we feel it IS worth the effort.

This captivating revue has exquisitely been worked-out with its lavish physical details and the brightest talents enacting the bumbling romances of multiple star-crossed lovers in an exuberant mix of iconic Bollywood songs, sumptuous costumes, breath-taking visual sets and sizzling choreography. It is a contemporary style musical which sets it apart from rest of the plays.

5- In your opinion where does theatrical extravaganza's stand in the overall LIVE entertainment market in India where today an audience has a wide variety of options to choose from?

It is an amazing time for the live entertainment market in India. Audiences today are mature and ready to experiment. Social media has changed the dynamics of how we view the world and we have witnessed the market sensibilities change. Audiences are willing to spend but want to experience something nouvelle.

Content is the king today and so with Balle Balle we are on a winning foot. The show has been packaged with grandeur, humour, drama and all the elements which are loved by audiences.

6- Those who have seen the show in Mumbai have talked about the interesting use of tech. What kind of planning has gone into that aspect?

For a spectacular theatre production, it is absolutely important that technology & creativity work hand in hand. Lights, sound, visual graphics, costumes, production design etc. are key for setting mood and tonality. Our team did a fantastic job of creating and managing it to absolute perfection. it needed a lot of detailing and the teams worked around the clock to make this happen.

7- Apart from Balle Balle what are some of the other projects that you are working on and what can audiences expect from them?

Currently all our focus and energy is invested in Balle Balled. We are keen to travel with the show across India and also globally. We are in conversation with theatres and will make announcements soon.

Viraf Sarkari - Director and Co-founder of Wizcraft International Entertainment takes us behind the scenes of this mammoth theatrical extravaganza and spills beans about its making.

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