10 Highpoints of ICWF 2018 that Concluded at The Fairmont, Jaipur

Weddings | August 3, 2018 | News

ICWF Fairmont

The International Convention for the Wedding Fraternity (ICWF) concluded its 6th edition this weekend from July 27 - 29 at the Hotel Fairmont, Jaipur. Let's take a look at some of the high points from the event.

The Fairmont Jaipur 

In a first-of-its-kind avatar, the Fairmont Jaipur Lobby Bar extended itself as the venue for the Welcome Reception. And that's not all that was unique; the glass doors leading to the outdoor patio were temporarily un-installed to create a seamless walk-way to the terrace, lending a most exceptional vibe to the reception. And what’s better than the organisers themselves making your drinks for you? Mandeep Malhotra and Atul Nath from team ICWF, welcomed guests from behind the bar counters while they prepared their beverage of choice!

Karen Tran

Karen Tran, Founder and Floral Designer at the Floral Experiences, USA, opened the account of the exceptional and inspiring content this year at ICWF. This celebrated florist, who was in India as recently as June, for her work on the Ambani Engagement, took audiences through her life’s journey while highlighting how perseverance and passion made her realise her true potential and become a world-renowned celebrity florist.


Interflora as Associate Partner to ICWF showcased their most awe-inspiring history of supplying fresh flowers across the globe. Highlighting the relevance of floral arrangements for the wedding industry which is leaning more and more towards fresh flower arrangements for bespoke celebrations, Interflora was able to take audiences through the details of how flowers are sourced, nurtured and made available at the exact stage of their life cycle as desired by a designer. The brand also launched a ‘floral inspiration’ coffee-table book along with Tomas DeBuryne and Karen Tran.

Young Guns

While the youth seems to be a favoured stakeholder in many industry conferences these days, the session at ICWF by the Young Guns of the Wedding Industry, packed an additional punch with an All Women’s panel. The discussion centred around the new thought process and innovations being introduced by the youth of the industry, and also circled back to the importance of passion and finding your niche and owning it!

The ICWF Gala @Gulmohar

The ICWF Gala took place at Gulmohar (By Taluka), a venue suited for receptions with royalty. The most fitting welcome was put together with ‘ghoomar dancers’ that led guests into the open grounds and foyers that surrounded the palace-like structures of the venue. A neat tent set-up housed round table seating and exceptional cuisines and catering. This was followed by an entertaining evening of song and dance in the indoor venue of the Gulmohar.

The Design Lab Experience 

The Design Lab Experience showcased their exemplary experience in the world of creating fantasy and fantastic social events of scale! The Dubai-based trio: Mootassem Elbaba, Hibah Albakree, and Marwan Maalouf, generously shared insights with the audience on their process and guidelines they follow while designing spaces. The session concluded with a fitting standing ovation for the creative geniuses.


Wedonomics, the term and session coined by ICWF to discuss the economic effects of the Indian Wedding Industry, was also one of the highlight sessions this year. Samit Garg, the moderator, got panellists to discuss aspects of attraction for working in the wedding industry, possibilities of sizing up the core as well as peripheral beneficiaries of the wedding industry. Sabbas Joseph revealed insights into how Destinations / Economies are influenced by a high-profile event being hosted there, drawing parallels from IIFA. Siddharth Ganeriwala, a new entrant into the wedding space shared his inspiration of joining the business owing to more professionalism and accountability coming into weddings in India.


As in each edition, ICWF concluded with the magnificent GIWA 2018, in which various stakeholders of the wedding industry are celebrated and acknowledged for their work in the year gone by. Studio Neelabh emerged as the highest winner, with max metals in his kitty, for this edition, thus making him the ‘Star Of The Year’ for GIWA 2018, with a fitting ‘elevated moment’ onstage to announce this coveted achievement. Other big winners of the evening included Wedding Umbrella, Touchwood Weddings, Tamarind Global and Event Tokree. (Read about all the GIWA 2018 winners, here: Studio Neelabh Wins Max Metals and the 'Star of the Year’ Award at GIWA 2018)

 Neelabh Kapoor, Star of the Year at GIWA 2018

Touchwood Entertainment

Awe-Inspiring Entertainment

The GIWA, while inspiring for their celebration of the wedding industry, also put up an exceptional opening and closing act, with dancers on stage, in the audience and on aerial points across the ballroom of the Fairmont Jaipur. This coupled with pyros across the ballroom gave goosebumps to the audience when the show began and also at the conclusion when the ‘star of the year’ for the GIWA’s was announced!


While hospitality is now a given at ICWF, with newer benchmarks being set with every edition, it still can’t go unmentioned! In its 6th edition, ICWF showcased to an industry of hospitality experts what hospitality truly means with personal hosts for speakers, exceptional curated and presented food and beverage options, and the personalised gifts and giveaways that caused many to pay for excess baggage when returning home. ICWF 2018 had it all!

The International Convention for the Wedding Fraternity (ICWF) concluded its 6th edition this weekend from July 27 - 29 at the Hotel Fairmont, Jaipur

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