A Spectacular Wedding by Enjay Weddings and Luxury Events at Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa

Weddings | July 27, 2018 | News

Enjay Events Le Meridien

Rashmi and Summet were a modern Maharashtrian couple who wanted a simple yet elegant wedding. They didn’t want anything over the top traditional but wanted to add a fresh touch to the whole wedding with the help of either the décor or the entertainment.

The Enjay Events team led by Nidhi Jani Sahi helped the couple to ideate the theme of the wedding with the decor team depending on what the couple liked and what they don't. Everything from the colour palette, the textures, to the materials everything was chosen as per the brief given by the couple. Enjay events made sure every single detail was given a go ahead and only then printed.       

Since the couple did not want anything traditional the team gave them options of roses and carnations instead the usual marigold for the Mehendi function. A self-service popcorn stall and chocolate strawberry stall were created and became a major hit as the location was Mahableshwar. 

They also did not want to go elaborate on the stage and a backdrop, so the event managing team gave them a simple platform with fireworks from top down for their first dance – making it look spectacular. 

The invite was also not a usual card invite, they had it engraved on a piece of wood. As requested by the couple, the team made sure all their events were in pastel shades. But the wedding was a beautiful mix of red and white colours.

As they didn’t want fancy performances and celebrity artists, they went ahead with the family band, Theeory and a Sax artist for their wedding functions. Only for their Baarat they had the typical Puneri dhol walls which added the traditional element.

The Mahabaleshwar wedding was a simple yet elegant one decked up in multiple shades of pastels.

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