A Marvellous Wedding in the US by La Wedding STORY Is What Charismatic Dreams are Made of!

Weddings | July 20, 2018 | News

Story Experiences

In the first phase of its launch, this weddings and social events boutique is exclusively focusing on the international market, and it recently completed its first project by managing and executing an Indian wedding in Florida, US.

The first social event of the project was the Ring Ceremony sundowner that took place on November 24th, 2017 at Opal Sands Resort Beach in Florida. The event was attended by over 150 people with the central theme being ‘English Class with Indian Traditions’. La Wedding Story beautified the event, making it a gorgeous soiree that shall remain etched into the memories of the attendees forever. 

The stunning décor of the venue was laden with winsome lanterns, soft cafe lightings, elegant pastel colour flowers and a celestially beautiful walkway that spell bounded the attendees from the second, they stepped onto the venue. Right from the table setting to the remarkable chairbacks, every aspect of the décor resonated an enchanting vibe that transported the guests into a divine world of its own.

Adding fun and frolic to the proceedings was the Indian DJ and Emcee that charmed the attendees with an eclectic mix of engagements, games, and performances. 

The wedding took place the next day on November 25, 2017, at a waterfront venue at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. This gathering was attended by over 180 people with the central theme of the event being, ‘Heritage Royal’.

La Wedding Story brought the opulence of the concept to life by weaving the event together with a breathtaking décor, striking use of floral arrangements and an exquisite stage design. The event was a perfect balance of grandeur and resplendence matched with the earthiness and warmth of a traditional Indian wedding.

The mandap of the wedding was adorned with beautiful flower installations and made for the perfect ingredients that the couple hoped to have in their dream wedding. The ultimate celebrations for the wedding unraveled as the Emcee delighted the attendees with her quick wit and humor and the DJ churned out popular dancing tracks, often infusing them with elements of LIVE drumming and beatboxing. Furthermore, a standup comedian tickled the funny bones of everyone present, making the wedding a truly memorable affair. The wedding came to an end with a lavish buffet spread that served 10 different cuisines to the attendees.

STORY Experiences, one of the leading experiential marketing agencies in the country recently launched its signature luxury weddings vertical, ‘La Wedding Story’.

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