WaterAid India's Campaign #WaterWise Launched In Kolkata; Executed By White Salt Entertainments

Marketing | July 16, 2018 | News

White Salt Entertainments WaterAids

Global not-for-profit organization – WaterAid made a quick come-back in Kolkata earlier this month with its experiential campaign posing a thoughtful question at the Kolkata City crowd: How #WaterWise Are You? The return was strategically inclined towards creating awareness about the mounting issues relating to Water Crisis mounting globally. 

Campaign #WaterWise was spread across three days, July 6 - 8 and strategically executed at Forum Courtyard Mall in the heart of the city. While the campaign focuses on challenges in the Water World and how citizens can help by doing their bit, it owes its success to its first campaign held in May at a suburban Mall in Howrah Belur, as a build up the World Menstrual Hygiene Day. The campaign was widely acknowledged by activists and NGOs around the world.

Kolkata based experiential events management company, White Salt Entertainments was appointed to deliver WaterAid’s strategic campaigns in line with the mission to spread mass awareness about all initiatives, together with and for WaterAid.

Talking about the campaign, Dipti Shah, Events Head at White Salt Entertainments said, “We are happy to continue our association with WaterAid in India. You know you will never have an alternate for Water in the world. While WaterAid works to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene part of life, we look at providing the full support system to ensure the initiatives reach out far and wide through these campaigns”.

Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It's a crisis because it only starts with water - but water affects everything in life. Health, Education, Food Security – And the lives of women and children, especially. “India is the World’s second fastest growing economy. While many thrive, millions are left behind due to lack of awareness. White Salt aims to bridge the gap between initiatives and implementation through campaign executions in and around India” Dipti adds.

Giving more information on the campaign, Nanditta Chibber, Media & Communications Manager at WaterAid India said: “India today is facing the worst water crisis with millions facing severe water scarcity and many cities likely to run out of water in the next couple of years. It is high time we realize that we all need to be water wise -- manage our water resources and water usage better as every drop counts. While most of us visiting malls have immediate access to clean water on-premise, there are millions in India who do not have it.  This lack of access to clean water burdens them with loss of livelihood, education, health and other opportunities, trapping them in a circle of poverty. Through these activities, we are trying to reach more and more people to make them not only aware of the importance of conserving water but also acting on it now, by being #WaterWise. Additionally, also create awareness on how supporting the cause of ensuring access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene can change people’s lives drastically, especially women and girls who bear the brunt of it the most as they walk miles every day to fetch water for their families and the lack of it affects their health and menstrual hygiene gravely.”

WaterAids made a come-back in Kolkata with their Experiential Campaign #WaterWise

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