JK White Cement Annual Dealers Conference Planned and Executed by CS Direkt

Marketing | July 16, 2018 | News

CS Direkt JK White Cement

The Annual Dealers Conference of JK White Cement was capably overseen and executed by CS Direkt Events and Exhibitions on July 02, 2018 at Renaissance Hotel Powai, Mumbai. 

With the audience of approx. 300 pax, the occasion was themed as WOW - World of Winners. The partners arrived from different regions – Mumbai, Pune and Rajasthan, Gujarat individually.   

The topic was conceptualised by JK Cement group and CS Direkt group to propel and empower the team of JK Cement and their channel partners. 

The subject was strategically meshed into the occasion to commend the performances of the attendees and JK Team as a whole. The occasion began with an AV that was tailored to make the audience reminisce of the great times that were spent in 2017. The AV was followed by the grand opening act, also known as the Shakti Act, which was a demonstration and a reverential tribute to Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Maa Durga and Lord Krishna. The act left everybody in awe and fascination. 

Adopting a theme for the event, which gave a sense of positive reinforcement to its attendees, CS Direkt created a concept which at its base complimented JK Cement’s corporate success. Also, it transcended those boundaries and appealed to every individual present to be enriching and empowered individuals and be a WOW Person.

A grand 60ft stage had the desired wow effect on the gathering, with filler demonstrations intensifying the experience. The light and the music were planned in the manner to make the experience as cathartic as it gets. Also, there was a lucky draw organised for the audiences to try their luck at the event.

Likewise, CS Direkt planned and constructed a WOW photograph opportunity setup at the pre-function area which enabled the attendees to click selfies and capture the moments in photographs.

Acts like Shakti Act, Belly Dancing and the Bollywood Dance numbers were sequenced to entertain the guests and leave them with an evening worth remembering.

One of the other highlights of the evening was the Maa Act by the pioneer of Shadow acts and the prestigious shadow artist, Mr. Prahlad Acharya. The demonstration of his act left the crowd enchanted. In the Award sequence, the prizes and honour were bestowed upon all the performers and the victors.

Mr. Nitish Chopra, Head - Strategy and Branding, JK White Cement was completely engaged and supportive of the strategy of planning and execution. 

Varsha Sundariyal, Manager -  Client Servicing and Business Development, CS Direkt Events and Exhibitions, said, “It was a privilege to work with JK Cement. The team expected of us to make all their attendees feel special and make sure that we leave them with WOW memories. Expectations were high, and it was our obligation to give our best shot - for the best in business. We are overwhelmed with the response we got, and we thank the team for having confidence in us. The success of the event was because of diligent planning, brilliance in execution and a very strong thought to build grandeur that mesmerised the audiences.” 


The topic was conceptualised by JK Cement group and CS Direkt group to propel and empower the team of JK Cement and their channel partners.

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