Ferrari 812 Superfast Launch Managed By The Think Tank Entertainment

Marketing | July 3, 2018 | News

The Think Tank Entertainment Navnit Motors

Navnit Motors, the official dealer for Italian car manufacturer Ferrari in Mumbai, unveiled the all-new 812 Superfast at the Ferrari showroom in BKC, Mumbai. The Think Tank Entertainment (T3) managed the event successfully as prospective customers witnessed the reveal of the fastest and most powerful Ferrari model till date. 

The Ferrari showroom in BKC was the venue to showcase this dazzling beauty on wheels. The team at T3 set up a giant backdrop in the iconic Ferrari Red colour for the reveal. The mesmerizing sounds of the saxophone greeted the select guests as they filed into the showroom. A female saxophonist dressed in pristine all-white gave a memorable performance which set the tone for the plush proceedings. 

The promoters from Navnit Motors did the grand reveal of the luxury automobile as they pulled the cover off the red Ferrari 812 Superfast model in one fell swoop. The car is a stunner to look at and all around, you see heavy aerodynamics influencing the design of the vehicle. Guests admired the luxury car while sipping on cocktails and nibbling appetizers around standing tables. Meanwhile, the guests took pictures with 812 Superfast backdrop with a prancing silver horse. The black and red colours of the backdrop matched the car brilliantly. 

Says Abhishek Mazumder, CEO, The Think Tank Entertainment, “The privilege of launching a car which has ‘Superfast’ in its name speaks volumes about how much fun organising that event would’ve been. We are proud partners of the Ferrari 812 Superfast launch. Being industry leaders for luxury cars events, this adds another feather in our cap.” 

The Think Tank Entertainment (T3) managed the Ferrari 812 Superfast launch unveiled by Navnit Motors

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